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Taylor Hicks Net Worth

Taylor is popularly known as Taylor Hicks. His full name is Taylor Reuben Hicks knew as Taylor Hicks By profession, he is an American singer. He won the reality show in the year 2006, known as American Idol. He became A professional singer in his teenage, and for over a decade, he usually conducted in the South-Eastern United States, during which he released 2albums at one time. He debuted in the year December 12, 2006, under Arista Records. He is the first in the history of Americans who win the habitation in the Las Vegas Casino. This was for a longer duration.

Early Life

Taylor Hicks had taken birth in Birmingham in Alabama on October 7, 1976. He had taken delivery from Bradley Hicks and Pamela. They shifted to another place when he was only eight years. At a very young age, his hair turned grey around the age of 14. He was utterly disturbed when his parents got separated and divorced. This decision changed my life of Hicks. His stepmother Linda took custody of her stepson. Hicks considered his childhood difficult because his parents disrupted marriage and many more. He has a minor brother, who is precise to pursue him for the American Idol audition.


He was tiny when he write his first song, which was known as “In Your Time”. He self-taught to know functions the el tric guitar anD the church organ at the very early age of 19. He completed his schooling informative High School in the year1995. He was interested in sports such as baseball, basketball, and many more in the School. He had completed his graduation in Business and Journalism from Auburn University. While studying in college, he was a band member whose name is ”Passing Through”. He then decided to quit the band. He decided to open his band. He reverted to Alabama and started his musical career. He performed at various places, mainly around the South-Eastern United States, including The War Eagle Supper Club (a popular college bar) in Auburn, Alabama. In the year2005, he recorded his second album, which was produced by him only. For his audience, he permits them to capture the concerts for their use. He has allowed that on the internet, his fans can post the concert recordings. After the year2006, the show’s recording cannot be found on the internet due to the rules of the American Idol recording single “Do I Make You Proud” debuted on the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 was also certified gold by the RIAA. 

Hicks joined his fellow Top 10 Idol finalists on the American Idols Tour. In May 2009, Taylor Hicks made Fo “Top Ten earning American Idol stars” at number10 with over $300,000 earned from album sales and his role as “Teen Angel” in the national tour of Grease. Taylor Hicks opened ORE Drink and Dine restaurant in Birmingham, Alabama, in May 2011, which was awarded as the best restaurant in the fall of 2011. Entertainment Weekly magazine revealed that Hicks would be A celebrity contestant on Fox’s dating shows The Choice. Hicks was the first male Idol to be featured on a Grammy-winning album when he performed “Friday” on Jimmy Fallon’s “Blow Your Pants Off”, which won Best Comedy Album in 2013. 

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Personal Life

Taylor parents names were Bradley Hicks and Pamela Dickinson. His childhood was not normal, and he had a struggling one. His parents were not together, and they got divorced when he was tiny. At a very early age, his hair turns grey. He grows up with his Stepmother. His younger brother supported him to participate in the American Idol and secure his dreams. His brother always kept him in his tough times.

Net Worth

As of 2021, Taylor Hicks net worth is work estimated to be roughly $2 million with his hard work and talent and his passion towards 

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