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Ted Danson Net Worth

Ted Danson is a Producer and an American Actor. He played lead role Sam Malone. Not only is this, apart from the same, but he also played lead roles in plenty of movies like Three Man and a Baby, etc. Also, he starred in dramas like CSI and several others too. Later on, in the year 2015, he played the role of Hank Larsson in a comedy-crime drama. Then in 2016, he played afterlife architect Michale in an NBC sitcom. After getting great success in dramas and shows he performed, Danson earned a good name and fame from all around the world.

Early life

The complete name of Ted Danson is Edward Bridge DansonIII, and he took birth in San Diego. His father’s name was Edward Bridge Danson, and her mother was named Jessica MacMaster. The father of Ted Danson was a director and archaeologist in a Museum. He has a sister named Jan Ann Haury.  Ted was raised in Flagstaff that is present in Arizona. The ancestry of Danson includes Scottish and English. Later, Ted joined the Kent School, and there he was a pro basketball player. He loved to perform in dramas when at Stanford University. Then, he went to Pittsburgh in 1972, and there he received the final degree.

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Career beginnings

He started his career with an acting job on television. From 1975-1976 he played Tom Conway’s role. After then, in 1977, Danson played a role in the show The Doctors of Dr. Mitchell Pierson. Later on, in 1982, Danson had a big breakthrough, and the time is when he was casting as a womanizing ex-baseball player in NBC sitcom “Cheers.” After getting great responses and results, Danson signed for plenty of other movies and shows.

Personal life

In his entire life, Danson has been married a total of 3 times. He first got married to Randall Randy Gosch. Then, he got married for the second time to a producer named Cassandra Casey Coates, and from the samemarriage, he became the father of two daughters. Then, finally, his third wife is an actress whose name is Mary Steenburgen. The divorce of Danson from his second wife is the most expensive one of all-time among all celebrities. After finally, they divorced, he had to pay Coates $2 million per year.

Net worth

As Ted Danson is an actor who was born in California, he gained a lot of popularity. His net worth as of now is $80 million dollars. Mainly he is known for the best role as Sam Malone in Cheers and also in several other shows like The Good Place, Becker, and CSI, etc. Danson won 3 Golden Globe Awards, 2 Emmy Awards, and also a star in Hollywood on the Walk of Fame. The majority of income Danson earns as a successful and great actor and producer. Apart from the same, he has many sources of revenue too, like investments and other businesses. He is now one of the richest actors and producer.

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