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Tim Burton Net Worth

Timothy Walter button is a United States film producer, film director, writer and an artist. He is one of the most successful directors of the United States film industry. He has a very bright career in this line and he has been active since 1971 till present. Famous actors that he has worked with our Johnny Depp and composer Danny Elfman.He also has fond of poetry and he has wrote and published some books as well.

Early life

He was born in Burbank, California in United States and the year was 1958. The name of his father was Jean Burton who died in 2002. He was not so popular in the beginning because the quality that he used in making his films was very poor. He used to make short movies in the backyard and streets. The technique that he used was crude stop motion animation technique. It was only 8MM film that he used to shoot videos and one of the most popular known work of his is The Island of Doctor Agor.

His schooling was done from presidency elementary school which was located in Burbank and later on he went to Burbank high school. He was not so good in studies because of his interest in shooting videos and therefore, he was least interested in completing the school. Tim Burton was a very interesting person and also had very interesting hobbies. He likes to paint, draw and also watch a lot of movies. It was his interest in the movies which led to his career selection as a movie director. After completing his high school from Burbank high school, he went to California Institute of the Arts which is located in Valencia California.

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Personal and married life

At first, Burton was married with a German artist called Lena Gieseke. However, their marriage was not so successful and they both separated only after four years of their marriage. It was 1991 when their married life ended and Burton went on to live with Lisa Marie. Lisa Marie was it a model as well as an actress who used to work in the movies ofBurton.Button have two children with Bonham Carter. The name of their son is William Raymond which is named after the father of Bonham Carter. He was born in 2003 and the other children is a daughter Nell, who was born in 2007.It was 2014 when the news came out that Burton and Bonham Carter have been separated in the beginning of this year but it was unclear if they were ever married.

Net worth

Tim Burton who is the native of United States of America, An American artist, writer and animator has an estimated net worth of $140 million. This is a recorded net worth of 2020 which makes him one of the richest filmmakers in United States of America.It is some great dark and horrific movies that provided him with a lot of fame like Edward Scissorhands and DarkShadows.

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