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Tim Ferriss Net Worth

Talking about the most successful and famous entrepreneur, author, investor, and podcaster, then the first name that comes to mind is Tim Ferriss. He is one of the richest bloggers and authors in the world. Tim is mainly known for his ventures in plenty of different mediums. He works with some great tech companies, and that’s the reason among all others due to which he is currently the most successful entrepreneur. He completed his higher studies at Princeton University (A.B.). Ferriss worked hard and stayed focused during his entire life to achieve all his targets and goals.

Early life

Well, you might become surprised by knowing that Ferriss was born prematurely. He grew up in East Hampton in New York. He completed his graduation from a highly selective prep school called St. Paul’s School in Concord, New Hampshire. After completed the graduations, he started working in sales at a company data storage. According to several news and interviews, Tim said that he loves to do deep thinking and he likes to spend a lot of money on getting experiences. He started his first business with a sports nutrition company.

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Career beginnings

The career of Tim Ferrisswas started in 2001 when he first founded BrainQUICKEN, i.e., a nutritional supplements business that is totally internet-based. At that time, too, he was still employed at his prior job. Later on, he sold the company and then known by another name called BodyQUICK. It is a London-based private equity firm that was created in 2010. The most popular and great book by Tim Ferriss is “The 4-Hour Body”. In it, he explained rapid fat loss, incredible sex, and plenty of other things. Also, some most popular books are “The 4-Hour Workweek” and “The 4-Hour Chef”, etc.

Personal life

The first thing everyone must know is that Tim wants to keep his personal life private. In 2019, he mentioned clearly that his wife and he were advent travelers. He started his own blogs in 2019, and he often posts about his feelings or thoughts. As mentioned above, about Tim’s privacy, so he shared only limited information in his blogs. If you want to know more about everything related to the personal life of Ferriss, then you have to spend out a good time doing good research online.

Net worth

As of now, his net worth is 100$ million dollars.  The majority of the money he earns from his investments. Among the same, he also earns from podcasts and books. He is a great or angel-investor who has invested in plenty of tech companies from an early age. When it comes to the most successful investments made by him, then some major names are Evernote, TaskRabbit, Shopify and Uber, etc. Some most helpful thoughts or learnings from Tim Ferriss are feeling the fear and do it anyway, ignore the haters, and you are being effective or efficient. According to him, people who follow these three lessons carefully will get success quickly in their life. 

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