Purchasing  an engagement ring and planning for a proposal is an exhirlilating moment,in such moments it’s possible you might get distracted with all the romance and have you forget that: An engagement ring is a considerable expense, so make sure you do it right.

Whether you are shopping together or on a solo shopping trip, here are some guidelines that will enlighten your decision on this journey.

  • What does your partner want? -This is the most critical question to answer as you begin this quest of engagement ring shopping. First, ensure you have your partner’s opinion as they are the recipient of the ring. This might mean letting in your mutual friends and family into the secret of the proposal so that they help in knowing her preferences. A woman’s social media pages are like the doors to her heart; this is also somewhere to check and see if she has posted a preferred jewelry preference. Take not and integrate the ideas into the ideal engagement ring for her.
  • Price range- A budget is an important factor to consider because it determines the kind of ring you get and also keeping in mind that after a proposal comes to a wedding, where are you willing to spend your money on. With this in mind, you can decide on a number and stick to it even as you check out different shop engagement rings.
  • Where will you buy the ring? -With a set budget in mind and a specific design you are hoping to get, you need to find a shop that will fit all these specifications. Online shops are coming up more often, and they are becoming an easy and efficient way of shopping for rings as they are cheaper. Choosing less-known brands is also a great saver when it comes to budget-friendly engagement rings. If diamonds were part of the plan but not affordable, you can get alternatives like moissanite stones within your level.
  • Get the correct measure- This is important since the ring needs to fit properly on the proposal day and so that you don’t spend more money resizing it after the purchase. Getting to know the size will be tricky, but you can get it without breaking a sweat and remaining discreet if you still want it to be a surprise with the right friend.
  • ●        Which metal to choose for the band-initially, engagement rings were made from different gold shades, including yellow gold and white. They are also made of silver or platinum. However, recently,  rose gold has emerged as a fresh, modern alternative. Although platinum is similar to silver, it is substantially more costly because of its higher density and rarity. Some metals scratch more easily than others, so keep that in mind—along with your lifestyle and budget—before choosing how essential the band is in the final selection. It’s also crucial to figure out what sort of jewels will go on the metal.

Note that an engagement ring is like a promise ring for your partner to a lifetime of love and commitment. Therefore, it should be as magical for you to buy as it is for her to receive. I hope the above tips come in handy in your engagement ring shopping.

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