Like any business, the most fundamental part of a moving company is its clients; without them, you have no business. To get clients, you need to get your business known, which you can achieve through proper advertising and branding. In this modern age, you can order banners and stickers online to aid in branding and advertising your moving company.

Starting a moving company can take a lot of work. Below are a few tips to help you during the process;

  • Have a clear budget
  • Settle on the type of moving company
  • Acquire the relevant permits and licensing
  • Get appropriate insurance
  • Hire reliable employees
  • Research your competition
  • Offer additional services
  • Networking

Have a Clear Budget

To start a moving company, you need to know the amount of money you are willing to put into your business. This information will help you decide and plan what materials and instruments you can afford at the company’s start.

If you have a bigger budget, you can start by buying large moving trucks and some storage units. You can also hire more people to help you run the business.

 However, if you are working on a small budget, you can start with a van or by renting a truck. As the business grows, you can buy additional equipment and employ more staff to help with the increasing workload.

Settle On the Type Of Moving Company

Moving companies vary depending on the services they offer their clients. Moving companies can fall into one of these four categories;

  1. Local-services moving company
  2. Long-distance moving company
  3. Commercial moving company
  4. Automotive transportation company

Local Services Moving Company

These companies operate within a small radius of about a hundred miles. They primarily serve individuals and families by moving furniture and fragile items within residential areas.

Long Distance Moving Company

Long distance companies operate throughout the entire county and internationally. They are more complex businesses, requiring extensive federal requirements.

Commercial Moving Company

They serve other businesses by helping them move to new offices or locations. A commercial moving company requires more input than a residential company, as office equipment may be bulkier, and the navigation of tight office spaces can be challenging.

Automotive Transportation

Automotive transportation companies specialize in transporting cars, primarily over long distances. The staff used by this company have to be trained professionals to handle the cargo.

Acquire The Relevant Permits And Licencing

Depending on the type of company you aim to start, get the necessary permits from the start to make sure you don’t suffer fines down the line. Without proper permits and licenses, you are putting yourself and your business in danger.

Get Appropriate Insurance

You need to make sure you get the necessary insurance required by law. Moving companies transport valuable cargo for clients. Good insurance will help you avoid being on the hook if something happens to your shipment during transit.

Hire Reliable Employees

Even for a small-scale company, moving will require you to hire at least one more person to aid in the process. When looking for an employee, get one who can be reliable and available when a job comes along.

As a company, you are entrusted with the client’s belongings. The employee you hire should take the necessary precautions and be careful when handling the cargo.

Research Your Competition

At the initial stages of your company, you should do thorough research on other moving companies. This information will help you know the services your competitors offer and the fees they charge their customers.

Knowing your competition helps you decide on the range of prices you should charge to ensure you are not overcharging or undercharging. Overcharging could lead to most of your potential clients opting for a cheaper alternative. Undercharging for moving services could lead to more clients but reduced profits.

Information on what other movers offer will help you know the services the clients need. It could also help you identify some of the services your competitors don’t provide. You can provide the services your competitors don’t offer, thus attracting more clients.

Offer Additional Services

A lot goes on while moving. To stand out and make your moving company more successful, you can offer additional services that some clients may require during the process. Some of these services include;

  • Selling quality packing materials to clients
  • Boxing before the move
  • Unboxing after the move
  • Offer self-driving trucks and other moving equipment for clients to move on their own
  • Offer temporary storage on some items.


You will need to be aware of the potential clients in the market. You can only get this information by networking. This business operates on getting tips on who is moving, allowing you to make bids. You can network with other moving companies and even buy moving leads from some of them.

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