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Robert Fox was born on 11th October 1991, and he is a video game composer and developer who operates under the alias of Toby Fox. He is most prominent for developing the most recently released, Deltarune and also Undertale.

Early Life

He commenced his career from Homestuck, which was a webcomic, where he was composing the official score. He has also done compositions for numerous indie video games and has contributed to the soundtrack list of Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and Pokémon Sword and Shield.

Toby Fox did compositions for Homestuck in 2009, and it was made by Andrew Hussie. Toby was still in high school while composing the music. He was not on the Music Contribution Team list, but Hussie personally invited Toby after releasing a piece of news where he invited composers to participate. Hussie noted his work, and Fox then commenced uploading piano covers on MS Paint Adventures of the music in the Webcomic. Fox has composed music for Hiveswap, a videogame based on the story of Homestuck, in 2017. Another developer, named Temmie Chang, released the Escaped Chasm game where Toby Fox helped curate the music. He was also a composer in Little Town Hero from Gamefreak, released in 2019 as an RPG.

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Career Beginning

Fox’s career commenced in complete form after he developed a role-playing game named Undertale in 2015. He also composed the soundtrack for the entire match singlehandedly, and the game ended up selling over a million copies. The game became a phenomenon in pop culture and was a debut hit in a solo developed game. Fox worked on the game without the help of anyone and only asked Temmie Chang to help him with the artwork. Toby has avid experience with the development of video games. He used RPG maker 2000 to create fantastic role-playing games, and they also made EarthBound ROM hacks to change its storyline. His most creative work in Earthbound was his Halloween Hack which he made with his brothers. He designed the Undertale character during his high school days, and he still has them in his notebook.

Toby Fox achieved immense success with the development of Undertale, and he does not mind that some people dislike it, stating that it is not for everyone. Undertale earned widespread acclaim and several accolades, but he thought the game was only an 8/10 in his eyes.

Toby Fox achieved a spot in the 30 under 20 list from Forbes after the creation of Undertale, and he also contributed to A Profound waste of time. Masahiro Sakurai, the maker of smash brothers, also invited Toby to create some music tracks for the game.

Personal Life

Fox is a native of New Hampshire, and he has acquired a degree in environmental science from the University of Northeast. He also has hand and wrist pain chronically, so he has trouble composing and programming sometimes.

Net Worth

The current approximate net worth of Toby Fox is about 3 million dollars, and he has accumulated most of it from creating Undertale and Deltarune. These games were immense in and outside the US and have garnered an offbeat following with heartwarming art and musical composition.

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