A renowned Canadian rapper, songwriter, and music producer

Tom MacDonald got a lot of adverse fame for the songs “Whiteboys” and “Straight White Male” because the songs’ corny and cheesy nature brought too much criticism. He makes repetitive flows in his songs that are very boring for the listeners. He doesn’t like criticism or someone making remarks on him. The music reviewers and sites rated “Whiteboys” as one of the worst songs of 2018. His harsh voice in these songs are some worst hooks, but the lyrical content adores PC culture. He sounds terrible when he uses autotune. He poses himself as a radical but executes his song’s topic not correctly to become controversial. He recently made a horrible song about coronavirus. His habit of calling majority rappers unoriginal and generic makes him hypocritical. His personal and more emotional tracks are not taken utterly only because of his hypocrisy.

Tom MacDonald is fine for his fans crap because he doesn’t treat them like excrement, as many other gabble rappers do. Despite all controversies about his voice and songs, Tom MacDonald is known for his few decent songs, such as “Castles” and “This House.” His beats are excellent in “I Hate Hip Hop” and “Whiteboy.” He can construct lyrics very well.

Early life

Tom MacDonald, called the White Boy rapper, was born and brought up in Canada on September 21, 1988. No one knows about his father. He spent a considerable part of his teenage life as a professional wrestler. Tom wrestled across Canada, on the Alberta’s bi-weekly TV show when he was seventeen. He also wrestled with many WWE Superstars. But Tom was passionate about music and rapping ever since he was a kid.


Tom MacDonald never attended university, as he completed high-school education in some local school in Vancouver.


Tom MacDonald was a professional wrestler for six years before he started his rapping career in 2009. He made his debut with the solo album LeeAnn’s Son in 2014 that was dedicated to his mother, Lee Ann McDonald. He got fame as a rapper after the release of a song titled “Helluvit.” He is very focused on developing his career. He released famous albums, like Deathreats, Dream People & the Whiskey Wars, and See You Tomorrow. He has a YouTube channel also where he posts his videos. Wannabe is one of the favorite videos on this channel.

The net worth of Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald’s earnings were never made public when he was a professional wrestler. He makes his earnings primarily as a rapper and a YouTuber by posting music and other videos. MacDonald’s current net worth is shown as $700,000, but the information varies on different platforms. The net worth includes his immovable assets. He earned his net worth from functionality, tours, and endorsements. MacDonald’s Wikipedia depicts that his net worth has already reached $12 million. He has a career ahead, and his net worth could be too high.

Interesting facts about Tom MacDonald

He is currently living in Los Angeles, US, with his girlfriend. He is an unusual persona with strange tattoos all over his body.

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