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Too short is known as Todd Anthony Shaw. He had kept his stage name as Too short. By profession, he is an American rapper and record producer. He had become more famous in the scene of West Coast hip hop in the year 1980. She has worked under the labels of Empire, O.G, E.M.I, JIVE, THUMP, UP ALL NITE, PRIORITY. He is a beginner at Western Rap, and he began his recordings from the year 1987. He had released many songs such as The ghetto, blow the whistle. His song “LIFE IS TOO SHORT” had gained more success than ever. This song was going for double platinum, and this song remained on the lips of the audience.

Early Life

Too short was born in the year 1980 in the city of California. In his childhood, he and his family shifted to Oakland, which is present in California. In his school, he played for his band. He played as a drummer in his band. He passed from the school whose name was Fremont High School. His parents kept his name as Todd Anthony Shaw. But for his shows, he kept his name as Short Dogg after he kept his name as too short. 


In his school with his friends, he composed many songs. He records the music on thee cassettes for the people who listen to his songs… He started his first album, whose name was Don’t Stop Rappin. In the Oakland. Along with that song, he had also released simple drum beats from a drum machine. He introduced a new moment that was used in the mid-late 2000s. He had also worked with Tupac Shakur, The Notorious, B.I.G, Scarface, and Pimp C. When he worked with all these, he came to notice in the people’s eyes. He had made so many songs, and some pieces were featured on the U.S billboard, such as You Nasty, Chase, the cat, What’s my Favourite Word? , Married to the Game. In his career, he announced that he wanted to work with Lady GagaAnd drop his album as Artpop. In 2012, he made a video; it was popped in the magazine named XXL magazine. In that video, he made a difference between school boys and high school boys, and they were resenting the manipulation of female genitals. When this video was posted, a clamor occurred, which made XXL MAGAZINE take down their video, and Too was apologized for this video.

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Personal Life

Too short is an introvert guy. He doesn’t have many affairs. He is a person who likes his corporation. He wants to be alone because he thinks that being alone, you can be more creative and think about more ideas. He doesn’t think about racism; he believes in inequality. In his childhood, he was a victim of racism, so he didn’t want to hurt others.

Net Worth

Too Short have a net worth of $20million. He had done many hit songs, and he had acted and played many minor roles.

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