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Tory Lanez Net Worth

Tory Lanez was born on 27th July 1992, and he is a prominent singer, songwriter, rapper, and record producer originating from Canada. He has received the foremost distinction for releasing a mixtape named Conflicts of my soul, which he unraveled in 2013, and he signed a deal with Mad Love Records from Benny Blanco in 2015. The breakout album of Tory was I Told You, which had some of his chart-topping singles such as Luv and Said It, which peaked at number 19 and 23 respectively on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. Lanez released his subsequent studio albums named Love Me Now, and Memories do not Die. The name of his fourth album was Chixtape 5, which reached the second spot in the Billboard 200 charts. He released his fifth studio album titled DayStar, which climbed to the tenth spot on the day of its release in Billboard 200. The album featured some very controversial mentions of allegations against Megan Thee Stallion, saying he shot her.

Early Life

Daytime is originally from Ontario in Canada, and her mother is of Curacao ethnicity while his father is of Bajan race. The family lived in Montreal, and they then moved to Florida, where he would refine his skills with rapping through his childhood. Unfortunately, his mother had a rare disease, and she died soon because of it. His father used to work as a missionary and an ordained minister, and they frequently moved throughout the USA. Daystar’s dad then married again, and his family then moved to Georgia, and he met his good friend named Hakeem, and he worked as a janitor. Hakeem gave him the nickname of Lanez, which he would carry to the stage. This name was a comment on the thrilling hobbies of Daystar. He was sent to live with Dahir because Daystar had some lousy behavior issues but later moved to Toronto along with his grandmother.  

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Career Beginning

Tory made his breakout from a mixtape named TL2TO, which was performed live in South Florida. He also commenced directing some of his videos for YouTube personally. His videos came in the eyes of Sean Kingston, and he was interested in watching Lanez perform after watching a video where Lanez freestyles over the Beamer Benz or Bentley beat from Lloyd Banks. Kingston then personally contacted Lanez to inform him about a meet planned during the Justin Bieber tour, and Lanez performed live on there. Lanez has also released some mixtapes such as One Verse, One Hearse, and Just Landed.

Personal Life

Tory Lanez has been involved in controversies and legal issues, such as in Texas, where Lanez encouraged his fans to fight with the concert security. His encouragement fueled a riot that destroyed the venue, and it had to be shut down. The concert promoters and venue management considered filing legal vices against Lanez. He was also involved in shooting Megan Thee Stallion in the feet after getting out of her SUV and trying to go home alone after a bath party. Tory Lanez’s career has gone significantly into the rot after the accusations came out, and Kehlani decided to remove his lines from her song subsequently.

Net Worth

The current average net worth of Tory Lanez is about 2 million dollars, and he has earned a lot of it from music. He was the chart-topping artist for a long time until the current controversy with Megan Thee Stallion. His streaming numbers have decreased from thirty million in 2019 to only nine million now. He has also lost some money because of the legal proceedings and loss of deals with artists and labels.  

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