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Trent Reznor Net Worth

Trent’s real name is Michael Trent Razor. By profession, he is a single as well as music composer and a record producer. He works as a lead vocalist in the famous band Nine Inch Nails, an Industrial Band. He was the first member of the bar in the year1988. He was born in The year1965. He is the first member to join this band.

Early Life

Trent is known as Micheal Trent Razor. He was born in the year1965 on the date 17th May. He was born in Pennsylvania, which is in the U.S. By profession, he is a multitalented person. He works as a singer; he knows how to play various instruments. He was born to Nancy Lou. She was his mother. Her father’s name is Michael Renzor. He had German and Irish Ancestry. He was born and brought up in the Mercer, which is in Pennsylvania. His grandfather was the founder of the Reznor company, which produces Air conditioners, heaters. He had to live and be brought with a single parent. His parents got divorced, and They stayed with their maternal grandparents. He and his sister Tera lives with his mother at their maternal grandparent’s home. His maternal grandfather always praises Trent for his activities. In his childhood, he had a great interest in the piano, and he loved moving. In his youth, he had a dream that he wanted to want from the small town of the U.S and explore the world. He didn’t want to confine himself with the boundaries of the place. 


When he was at the school, he had accompanied a local band whose name was Option 30. In a week, he played 3times with them. He didn’t even graduate from college and dropped out in the middle of school to pursue his career in music. In the year, 1985 he was the keyboardist in the band known as the” The Innocent.” In that band, he had released the album known as the “Livin in the Street.” He left the band after three months and joined another band whose name was Exotic birds. He had joined many other bands in which he played several roles. He even works as a janitor and an assistant engineer. He had worked under several labels whose name was Columbia, Nothing, Interscope, Universal, TVT. He had worked in several albums known as Nine Inch Nails, Exotic Bird, Atticus Rose, Pigface, Option 30, The Innocent, How to destroy Angels, Tapeworm, Marilyn Manson, Lucky Pierre, Hasley, Saul Williams.

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Personal Life

His childhood was not so fantastic because his parents divorced. He had told in an InterviewHesuffered from depression when his maternal grandmother, who raised him, suddenly passed away; for his depression, he took alcohol, drugs, and cocaine for a longer time. When this all couldn’t take his body anymore, he went into rehab in the year2001. He married a Singer who is an American and Filipino. Her name is Mariqueen Maangdig iwas2009. He has five children.

Net Worth

Reznor’s net worth is around $80 million. He had played roles in the several bands he had gained through his interview and dedication.

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