Katrina Laverne Taylor was born on third December 1974, and she is a prominent American songwriter, rapper, and television personality. She mainly came to prevalence for her single named Nann Nigga with Trick Daddy in 1998. She has considered one of the most consistent artists of all time from the XXL Magazine. The complex also ranked her Pull-Over single as one of the best rap songs released by a woman in 2013. She is in the 31 rappers who transform the Hip-Hop genre from Billboard.

Early Life

She is originally from Liberty City, and she gained her early education in Miami Northwestern Senior High School, pursuing the degree of a majorette. Her father originates from the Dominican Republic, and her mother is from the Bahamas, named Vanessa Taylor. The parents separated when Trina was a child.

Career Beginning

Trina was studying to get her license for the real estate business in 1998, but she caught the attention of Trick Daddy. He made her appear in a song named Nann Nigga, and it was released from www.thug.com, which was his album. The song reached the sixty-second spot in the Billboard Hot 100 charts and was also in the Rap Songs chart on the third spot. Her appearance helped her start her career, and she signed a deal from a record label named Slip and Slide, which operated under Atlantic Records.

Trina has also released her breakout album named Da Baddest Bitch, which reached the thirty-third spot the moment it was released in Billboard 200. It also got the eleventh spot in the best R&B and Hip Hop charts. The album held its stance in the Billboard hot 200 charts and stayed there for 49 weeks consecutively. She also released Pull Over and Da Baddest Bitch in 1999 and 2000. The albums reached the 93rd spot on the Billboard 100 charts and were on the 41st spot on the chart for rap songs.

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Personal Life

Trina was in a small on and off relationship with Lil Wayne starting 2005 and till 2007. She established that they got married in a Wendy Williams show. She was also pregnant with the baby of Lil Wayne but unfortunately suffered a miscarriage. The couple possesses similar tattoos of their names on their wrist, and Wayne has her name tattooed on his fingers. Trina also dated a player from NBA named Kenyon Martin for three years, and he tattooed her lips on his neck. She was also in a association with French Montana for two years, and they separated in 2014. She commenced an NPO named Diamond Doll Foundation, and it aims to help young women with their struggles in life. They have also partnered with Florida Summit of Entertainment to commence a toy drive named Jingle Bell for South Floridian children.

Net Worth

The current average and approximate net worth of Trina is about 6 million dollars, and she has accumulated most of this wealth from her work in the music industry. She has helped create an NPO to help young women, and it primarily originates its investments from her success in the music industry.

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