Vegas Dave Net Worth

Vegas Dave’s real name is Dave Once. By professional, he is a gambler and a Sports Handicapper. He stays in American. He was doing Gambling, and now he has left the profession and currently working as a consultant. He usually works in a company. When he was in his area of Betting and Gambling, he used to earn vast amounts of money. He made a tremendous amount of money in that period.

Early Life

Vegas Dave’s real name is Dave Once. He was brought up in this world on 10th December in 1976. The full name is Dave Oancea. He had used his nickname to get a famous line. He was born in Michigan, which is in the United States. He had completed his schooling at the local school. He had started gambling from a very young age of life. From the minor age of 15, he entered the world of Gambling. He had completed his graduation from the University of Nevada. He had taken a student loan of $10,000. Then he had taken his student loan and put his loan into the gambling game. He had no fear of extending and putting all his loan money into Gambling. His luck shined, and he came with the double money of the student loan.


He was very much addicted to the game of Gambling. Then he turned his addiction into his business. He became the consultant of Gambling. His prediction would help people to win a considerable amount of money. His prediction gets the hit the right spot. He became famous when his forecast for $8000 got his correct prediction. When he gambled for $8000, he got$ 208,000. For betting and getting his luck, he got the Super Bowl. When the World Series was happening, the top position was acquired by Dave Only. From that, he conquered the amount of $2.5 million. This was that the highest pay-out that was given to someone. One of his greatest bets was the Boston Reds Sox, which he had gained for about $340,000. He wins a huge amount by only betting for $30,000. Rather than doing Betting was also a Youtuber. He had started his Youtube channel in the year 2018. The name of the track is Vegas Dave Tv. He usually posts videos about his lifestyle, parties, and extravagant beaches. His betting game amount got him the exclusive villas, beaches, and extraordinary rich lifestyle, which doesn’t acquire so much quicker. He was sent to jail for five years, and then after pleading, he was released early and sent to gambling therapy, and then he was only doing consultant business and not seen in the Gambling.

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Personal Life

He got engaged to the Former Sports Predictor, Holly Sonders. She was working in the Fox Sports Analyst. She was in a broken marriage. They broke the news on social media, Instagram. They exchanged their Dm and got engaged after six days of dating.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Dave is around $ 20 million, which he had incomes from his Gambling and his business of prediction in Gambling.

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