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Weird Al Net Worth

There are several amazing artists in the American Music Industry, but if we talk about artists with a unique talent, then Weird Al will surely top the list. Weird Al is an America-based songwriter, singer, actor, music video director, author, and musician. He is quite popular for humorous songs that mainly parody popular songs. Humorous songs are of the comedy genre and are quite enjoyable. He is also known for performing Polka Medleys and pastiches.

Weird Al launched his first comedy song in the year 1976, and he has been immensely successful since then. Till 2007, he had sold over 12 million copied of his albums and recorded over 150 songs, some of which were parody and some were original. He has also performed in more than 1000 live stage shows and has also earned five Grammy Awards.

Early Life

The real name of Weird Al is Alfred Matthew Yankovic, and he was born in a city of California known as Downey on 23rd October 1959. He is the only child of his parents, Mary Elizabeth and Nick Yankovic. His father originally belonged from Kansas, but after earning two Purple Hearts for serving as a Medic in World War II, he shifted to California. Alfred’s mother was a Stenographer of Italian and English Language.

Alfred took his first accordion lesson before his seventh birthday, and it raised his interest in music. He had two options; Accordion or guitar, but his parents chose Accordion as they believed that he should follow Frankie Yankovic, who was a great accordion player. Weird Al’s mother was quite overprotective and made him practice inside the house only. In school, he was not good at sports but was quite interested in extracurricular activities.

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Career beginning

Yankovic started his career at Radio Show hosted by Dr.Demento as he used to listen to it and was inspired by it. He got to meet Dr.Demento when he came to Speak in his school, and it was the time when Alfred gave him a tape in which recorded some parody songs.Demento played the songs on the tap in his Radio Show, and it gave the kickstart to Yankovic’s career. The nickname ‘Weird Al’ was given by people to Alfred, which shows how popular he was among people.

In the year 1979, Yankovic recorded a parody in the restroom to take advantage of the echo effect and named it ‘My Bologna.’ Dr.Demento played it on his show, and it received a great response from people.

Personal Life

Alfred is married to Suzanne Krajewski, who works as a marketing executive for 20th Century Fox. They also have a daughter named Nina, and she was born in 2003. He is currently living in Los Angeles with his family in a home that was previously owned by Rapper Heavy D and Jack Margolis. In 2004, Alfred lost his parents as they were found dead at their home.s


Weird Al net worth is around $20 million, and he earned it by creating songs that make people laugh. Over 12 million copies have been sold of his albums, and he also creates some funny music videos that he posts on YouTube.

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