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MacBooks are Apple’s crowning jewel and one of the company’s most expensive products. Depending on the model you’re after, you can pay up to $7,000 for a laptop.

Any MacBook user will tell you that the price tag is well worth the quality of product you’re receiving. If you’re suffering from sticker shock, there are ways you can save money. 

Are you trying to learn how to save money when buying your next computer? Keep reading to discover the cheapest way to buy a MacBook.

Buy an Older Model

The latest and greatest model of any tech product will always be more expensive than the older models. 

You’ll find the current model listed prominently on the Apple website and in Apple stores. With a little searching, you can find the older model by comparing the production years. The best place to look for older models is in the clearance section of the Apple website. 

You can also look for laptops with smaller screens, less memory or storage to save money. 

Just keep in mind that the newer models with all the bells and whistles are expensive for a reason. If you buy an older model, you’ll likely get fewer years out of it before the applications and operating systems are obsolete. 

Go for a Refurbished Option

The online Apple store also has a refurbished section which is a goldmine for savings. 

These are products that have been returned to Apple because of quality issues or because the company has bought them back through the trade-in process. 

Apple fixes these products up and replaces any faulty parts as needed. Before becoming available to sell, they are Apple Certified Refurbished, meaning Apple stands by the product. Each item comes with a new battery and all accessories included in a new purchase. 

The Apple website boasts that by going this route, you can save up to 15% off the total purchase price of a new product. All refurbished purchases come with a one-year limited warranty, so there’s little risk of getting a faulty product. If you do receive a MacBook that has problems within the first year, you can likely receive a refund or a different model.

The refurbishment program isn’t just limited to MacBooks, so this is a good option for any Apple products you need. If what you’re looking for is not available on the Apple website, look for a different supplier of refurbished Apple computers. Choose a supplier with tons of great reviews, have been in the business for years, and offer a warranty and money-back guarantee.

Trade-In Your Old Apple Devices 

Apple also offers a very generous trade-in program.

This program accepts any Apple product, regardless of age or condition. In exchange, you receive a credit on your next purchase or an Apple gift card. So if you have very old iPhones, iPods, or any other Apple products, they can help fund your new MacBook purchase. 

You’ll want to do a Google search to see if the trade-in deal is worth it. Depending on the condition and age of your current laptop, it may be a better option to sell it to a private buyer. 

Look for Discounts

Apple knows that there is a lot of demand for their products, so they rarely offer sales or special prices. There are certain circumstances when you may qualify for a discount from Apple. 

The most available discount is the Apple Education Store. This is a special online portal or in-store discount for educators and students. You can expect to save between $50 and $300 on your purchase depending on what products you’re buying. 

Apple is all about education and also holds an annual Back to School sale in August and September. During these months you can usually receive a free gadget, such as headphones, with your purchase. 

Because these discounts are so rare, if you qualify for one of these discounts, take advantage of it while you can. 

Use a Third-Party Seller

The official Apple website or Apple stores aren’t the only locations where you can purchase the latest MacBook model. Apple partners with a few authorized sellers, which include Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon. 

These realtors have their own sales and price drops based on their own rules. While you won’t catch Apple offering Black Friday deals, these authorized retailers may. 

You can also enroll in store-specific rewards or credit card programs to save money. 

Look at For-Sale Sites 

The last thing you can do to save on MacBook prices is to buy a used model from someone else. This is a riskier option, but you may find yourself saving the most money this way. 

There is a group of people who always update to the latest and greatest MacBook model upon release. If you can find one of these people trying to sell their old computer online, this may be a cheaper, gently-used option. 

Search online selling sites like eBay or Craigslist. You can also use Facebook Marketplace to search for models or state that you’re interested in purchasing a used MacBook. 

As long as the computer is in working order and a recent model, you most likely won’t run into any issues. MacBooks make it easy to switch owners and erase old user data. There are plenty of tutorials out there to walk you through the process, like this one on updating iCloud mail access:

Now You Know Cheapest Way to Buy a MacBook

After reading this article, you know now a few options for the cheapest way to buy a MacBook. 

Start by looking for an older or refurbished model to save you some money. Then gather up your old Apple products and search for discounts to bring the price down further. You could also consider buying from a third-party seller or a used MacBook from a private seller. 

Are you looking to save on more than just your upcoming MacBook purchase? Head to the Save section of this site to discover more tips and tricks to make the most of your hard-earned money. 

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