When it comes to tax filing, there is a lot of paperwork involved. However, most people only think of one form when discussing taxes: form 1040.

This isn’t the only form you need to worry about – if you’re self-employed or an employer working with fewer than 50 full-time employees, another important document comes into play: Form 1094-B.

 Read on to make the next tax season stress-free! In addition to knowing what Form 1094B is and why you must fill it out, you’ll also learn more about other forms included throughout the filing process.

What Is a 1094 B Form?

It is also called a transmittal form, used by insurance companies and is submitted along with form 1095-B. The IRS and ACA require both forms for reporting health coverage provided to employees and their dependents. Generally speaking, the purpose of the 1094 B form is to collect basic demographic and insurance information from the individual or entity being billed.

Other forms that you can fill out along with the 1094 B include

  • 1095 B
  • 1095 A
  • 1095C.

Employers typically use these forms to report information about employee health coverage and compliance with the Affordable Care Act.

Form 1095 B

Form 1095 B is a tax reporting form used to collect information about individuals with health insurance coverage through private insurers. Small business owners with less than 50 employees file this form along with the 1094 B.

There are several reasons why it is important to file Form 1095 B and Form 1094 B.

  • One is that these forms are used to collect and report important information about health insurance coverage, to ensure compliance with healthcare laws and regulations
  • Filing these forms together can help to ensure that your tax returns are accurate and complete, reducing the risk of error or missed filing requirements.

Forms Similar to 1094 B

Form 1095A

Form 1095 A is a tax reporting form used to track and report information about individuals who purchase health insurance coverage through government-sponsored healthcare exchanges. It may be required for individuals who qualify for subsidies or cost-sharing requirements.

Why should it be filed along with form 1094A?

There are several reasons one should fill out the 1094A form and the 1095A.

  • Both forms report information about health insurance coverage and compliance with federal regulations
  • The two forms together can help ensure the accuracy of tax filings and reduce the administrative burden for employers and individuals
  • Filling out these forms helps streamline compliance with federal tax laws and regulations.

Form 1095C

Form 1095 C is a tax reporting form used to collect information about full-time employees offered employer-sponsored health insurance coverage. This form is typically required for employers with 50 or more full-time employees or equivalents to comply with federal regulations related to healthcare coverage.


Filing these forms together can help simplify the process of filing taxes and reporting healthcare coverage, reducing the risk of errors or missed filing requirements. It is essential to understand the above forms to meet your tax obligations related to employer-sponsored healthcare benefits.

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