Young Buck Net Worth

Young Buck’s real name is David Darnell Brown. He was born on 15th March 1981. He has kept his stage name as Young Buck. He is the owner of the record company whose name is Cashville. He is also a member of the hip-hop band named Unit. Rather than owning a record company and working in a hip-hop band, he worked in many films such as Groupie Love, Loyalty and Respect, and many more.

Early Life

Young is also known as David Darnell Brown. He was brought up in this world on 15th March 1981. He had kept his name As Young Buck. He is also known as Hoodphame, Buck Marley, Bonafide Hustler. He was born in Nashville, Tennessee. He had started rapping at a minimum age of his career. He had started at the age of 12. After he had started rapping, he had done for Brian, the co-founder of Cash Money. He was born to James Brown and Audrey Horn. He had struggled very much in his childhood. He had worked because of them being poor. The other details of his early life are not mentioned on the internet. He doesn’t usually share his private information with anyone.


He had started his career at the very young age of 12. He had started with Cash Money in the year 1997. He left the Cash Money for the Juvenile UTP in the year 2000. After joining the Juvenille, he had relaxed many albums such as Born to be a Thug, The Compilation. He had worked there for three years, and then he joined the 50 cent record, known as the G unit. When he joined the G unit, he did the album known as Beg For Mercy. When he joined the member, he had replaced a member of the G Unit whose name was Tony Yayo. He has been Exposed for possessing a gun—his first debut in the G Unit, known as Straight Outta Cashville. The album was released on 24th August 2004. He had worked under several labels such as Cashville, Caroline, Real Talk, CashMoney, Utp, G-Unit, Interscope, E1, John Galt. He collaborated with many artists such as GNU it, UTP, 615, Boo Rossini, C-Bo, Firstborn, Drumma Boy, Ky-ManiMarley, Outlawz, Starlito. He was nominated for many awards sections known as G-unit awards, MTV Music Awards, Southern Entertainment Awards, and many more. He also did films such as Loyalty &Respect, Wild Out, Kill the Record Labels, Beef: behind the bullets, No warning, and many more.

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Personal Life

His personal life was a difficult one. He was being shot to his body from his home. He got married to Tanee McCall. He was blessed with a daughter whose name is Jayla McCall Brown. He was also sent to jail because of handling weapons. He was also sent to prison because of threatening toes ex-girlfriend had threatened to burn down his house.

Net Worth

The total net worth of Young Buck is around $100 thousand. He had gained his amount by rapping and owning a record company.

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