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Katorah Kasanova Marrero was born on 3rd April 1992, and she is most prominent for his stage name of Young M.A and is a rapper from America. She first started gaining widespread prominence by releasing Ooouuu, a quadruple-platinum single. Young M.A broke the record of BillBoard hot 100 top 20 with over three hundred million views on YouTube music videos. After her breakout single succeeded, Young M.A was nominated for the MTV artist of the year award and BET, and then she acquired the Female Hip-Hop Artist of the year title. She commenced appearing in magazines and has done advertisement campaigns for Beats By Dre, Google Pixel 2, and Pandora.

Early Life

Katonah Marrero is originally from Brooklyn, and her father is Puerto Rican while her mother is Jamaican. Her father got incarcerated when she was a year old, and he did not return until she was eleven, after spending ten years. Young M.A was close to her brother after her father became absent, and her mother was close to him. Marrero was just seven when they relocated to Virginia, and it allowed hoping for a better environment and a way out of violence. She commenced playing tackle football during her school days and started creating rhymes when she was ten in her schoolbooks. Her mother also encouraged her to practice singing in a karaoke machine, and Young began a portable makeshift studio inside her closet. She finally progressed from the High School of Sheepshead in 2010.

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Career Beginning

Young’s raps mostly are about similar topics as male rappers, such as sexuality and wealth. She also says that the hip-hop industry is dominated by males, so she feels suitable for making it in a place where males take up so much. Since she was a child, she had a passion for music but started getting serious about it when she reached adult life. She launched a recording studio with some local producers while she held a job with T.J. Maxx and Shake Shack.

She gained prominence when some post on Facebook started critiquing her song named Brooklyn Chiraq, a freestyle. The creator was paranoid that the song was hostile, violent, and genocidal, but this funny video intending to be serious brought more listeners to her work. She also released a song named Body Bag on YouTube, and it became very prominent. MTV considered her mixtape, Sleep Walkin, to be a thoughtful breakout project. Soon she released her official breakout single named Ooouuu, and it reached the Billboard Hot 100 charts, peaking at the nineteenth spot. The song also racked up over seven million plays on the Spotify platform in 2016 September.

Personal Life

Young M.A has been extremely open about her bisexual orientation in her music. In a Breakfast Club interview, she said that getting her sexuality out in public allowed her to make music more freely. Young M.A has also stated that she is proud of challenging the status quo, and she has acclaimed that it is not always about what your sexuality is. She also expresses that being in New York is somehow freeing to her as there are many gay people there.

Net Worth

The current average net worth of Young M.A is about two million dollars. She is currently active in the music industry, and she makes forty thousand dollars per show. She has also performed advertising campaigns for big brands such as Google, Pandora, and Beats by Dre. Her YouTube videos provide her with about 200 thousand dollars per year.

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