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Young thug Net worth

Young Thug is the most famous hip-hop artist, singer and song writer. He wore many hats at the very young and another role that he plays is as a record producer. The popularity of this person is growing rapidly in the hip hop world with the music that he composes. He worked with many famous musicians such as Drake, Gucci, and Calvin and so on. He is from Atlanta and is known to be the epicenter of rap. He does rap and is also is a fashion icon. Every times, he gives the rap performance; the stylish clothes are the ones to look at.

Early life

His original name is Jeffery Lamar Williams who is from Atlanta, US and was born on August 16, 1991.

Personal life

When it comes to the personal life of this popular rapper, he has six children and is now in relationship with Jerrika Karlae. He owns a house in Atlanta, which he brought in 2016.


When he started the career in the rapping world, he garnered the eye of Gucci Mane. They both worked together on 1017 Brick squad records in 2013. There is a fourth mix tape that is released by this guy with the name 1017 Thug, which was released in the same year. The mix tape that has gained him a huge reputation and fan base is for Picacho. There are many other singles that are released by this rapper, including the most famous ones, Stoner and Danny Glover. He signed for 1017 Brick squad in 2014 and simultaneously worked on the other project with Birdman’s Rich Gang. There are many songs that are released by this rapper this year with Kanye West and Metro Boomin. The released ones are titled as The Blanguage and the other one is EWW. Cash Money Records is the most popular American record label have released Take care song by collaborating with both Young Thug and Lil Wayne.

There are two mix tapes that are released by him with the name Slime Season and Slime Season 2. Later, he released Slime Season 3 in 2016. The vocals have been provided to Drake songs such as Sacrifices and Ice Melts. He also worked on the song called Heatstroke along with Calvin Harris. In 2017, he released the mix tapes with the title, beautiful thugger girls. Another mix tape is done in collaboration with another rapper and released with the name, Super Slimy.


He is upcoming rapper. Till now, there are no awards that are won by him. Though, he received nominations for the BET Hip Hop awards and Bet awards, but won none. However, he won MTV Video music award, which is considered to be prestigious for best editing in the year 2017.

Net worth

The estimated net worth of this person is USD 5 million. There are a few lawsuits that are filed against this person for the pending rent by the land lords. However, he earns around USD 1 to 2 million every year. The earnings of his would be from the selling of the music albums, tours and sponsorship deals. He has a lot of future in the rap world and can become even more popular soon.

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