Welcome to yourlifeforless. Here you’ll read about personal finance and consumerism. This blog is an extension of my passion for helping others with personal financial issues.


I’ve always been interested in money. When I was young I used to count every penny in my piggy bank at least once a week. I’d stack the coins and take pictures of them. I constantly asked my parents what I could do around the house to earn extra money. We didn’t have a lot growing up, so I appreciated everything I had and everything we did as a family.

In high school my dad signed me up for a checking account and taught me a little about how to manage money. I held a few odd jobs like mowing grass for neighbors and working in fast food, and used the money I earned to save up for things I wanted. Through these jobs I learned the importance of hard work and the value of a dollar.


You are here because you value your life and the resources you have earned. My goal is to give you insights, tips and resources to save you time, simplify your life and hopefully save you a little money along the way. I’ll show you what has worked in my own life and help you avoid some common money mistakes.

I’ll talk about ways to save money on things you already enjoy, how to build a better future for yourself and your family, things to think about when renting or buying a house, how to take care of your vehicle and make it last longer and what to look for when buying insurance — just to name a few.

I want you to enjoy your life to the fullest, even if times happen to be tough. If you are creative enough, you’ll find ways to save in so many areas of your life. I also want to empower you to make the important decisions about your future that you will face.

Please feel free to leave comments if you feel I’ve left anything out that may help others.