What is the right time to sell a stock?

stock market

Investing in stock market is fairly simple if you follow certain golden rules like understanding the company fundamentals, having a diversified portfolio, among others. Along with knowing when to buy a stock, it is equally important to understand the right time to sell the stock in order to receive maximum returns on the investment. The stock market is volatile and, therefore, you should be patient and avoid taking impromptu decisions as you may end up losing a chunk of money.

Let’s take a look at some of the signs that are ideal to sell your stocks:

When the set target is achieved: It is important that as an investor, you have a fixed financial plan for your investments. After buying a stock, you should set a target for the amount of return that you are expecting from that particular stock investment. Once the stock garners the required target, it is wise to sell it off. In many cases, an investor gets emotionally attached to the stock and is not able to sell it. Such actions will affect the returns you plan to get from your investments.

When the company’s financial performance falls: The most important factor an investor should consider while investing in a stock is to take a look at the company fundamentals. At the end of the day, when you invest in a stock, you essentially invest in the company. Stronger the company fundamentals, better the results you can expect from your investment. The fundamentals like balance sheet, revenue, price to earnings (P/E) ratio, debt to equity (D/E) ratios, among others should be taken into consideration before investing in a stock. However, if these fundamentals start to fall and show no sign of recovery, it is time to sell the stock. If the company earnings are falling in comparison to its peers, it is better to sell the stock.

Drastic changes in the management of the company: Along with the company fundamentals, it is equally important to keep an eye on the management changes. A good management is the backbone of the company’s success and a drastic change in the leadership will lead to a negative impact on the value of the stock. Therefore, it is better to sell the stock, if the company is going through some major leadership changes.
When share price starts falling consistently: The stock market is volatile in nature, therefore, it is quite tricky to predict the rise and fall of a stock. Therefore, you should sell the stock which you have invested in if it has been falling consistently for a period of time should. Dramatic price changes in the stock due to uncertain conditions in the market is a good reason to sell your stock.

Better option with other stocks: At the end of the day, you invest in stocks in order to get good returns. Therefore, if you come across a better stock option that has the potential to perform and will give you sizeable returns, you can sell your stock and buy some other stock. However, make sure to conduct a thorough research before purchasing the stock.

When the company goes for a merger: It is important to follow the news related to the companies whose stock you own. If a company is planning to merge with another company, it is the best time to sell the stock. When merger talk starts making news, it is better to sell the stock and as there is a high chance the stock price will fall drastically. This could mean losing a chunk of your hard-earned money.
When the company cuts its dividend pay: If a company is slashing its dividend payments quite often, it suggests that it is expecting lower earnings and less growth in the future. This is another sign to sell the stock and avoid any loses.

Final thoughts

It must be noted that stock market investment requires a lot of hard work in order to reap best results. You should avoid making bets at the beginning of your investment as you will learn from your mistakes and eventually have a better understanding of the market. Also, as an investor it is important to learn about the different stock market cycles as it helps you with your stock investment decisions. Moreover, you should keep yourself updated about the stocks which are performing and also those stocks that have potential to perform well. At the end of the day, if you have a solid reason to buy a stock, you should also have one to sell it. You can refer to several blogs and websites like BankBazaar.com to get detailed analysis about stocks and Indices like Nifty 100, Nifty 50 etc.

Opinion outpost survey review

opinion survey

No doubt Online earning is a new hope of people and when it comes to online there are several legit way from where you can earn huge amount of money every day. But if you are one of them who is thinking of earn huge amount via online survey then it’s obviously not a great way to make huge money but yes it can give you small amount though. Still if you decided to start earning via completing survey then I will definitely suggest you to go with Opinion Outpost. This is a tested survey which genuinely pays you for sure after the successful survey.

As per my personal experienced after tried several week I can able to made decent amount which was definitely good than other sites and yes this amount you can redeem on Amazon too. So now it’s time to know few more details regarding this survey site before you start working on it.

The History of Opinion Outpost

Opinion Survey is a trusted online survey platform which allows subscribers to give their personal views in survey for points which can be redeem as cash or Amazon points later. Survey Sampling International is the owner of this site which is a reputed and global survey firm. Its head office is situated in Shelton, United states.       

Working process of Opinion Outpost

First of all you have to sign up on its official website and have to complete your profile properly. After the completion of profile you can find a dashboard which normally provides the details about your points and provide link to your personalize information. This dashboard is pretty simple to use than other survey sites and here you will get every kind of offers. At the top side of the dash board you can also get “Take a Survey” option where you can easily access surveys via several emails options.

This platform is very use to use and you can also earn decent amount of bucks by completing surveys. You have to answer some multiple-choice questions before taking any survey on this platform. No the question is why so? Yes, according to Opinion Outpost these multiple questions answers will help the user to experience a better survey and always enhance the chance of earning more points for sure.

What is the success rate of survey completion on this platform?

Though it’s very tough to say the success rate still you can easily achieve 30 to 40% success rate which is definitely a good score. Opinion Outpost provides an entry for each surveyor of $10,000 quarterly prize drawing. From there you can start your survey by giving some multiple choice questions. Your success rate may differ and its always depend on your area of interest.

Enjoy the decent payoff of $1.50 per hour 

This platform provides several ways to redeem your points like Milega plus Miles, PayPal, Amazon points, iTunes. You can also donate those points to the American Red Cross. You need minimum 100 points to redeem via Paypal. The Amazon redeems points need only 50 points.

A good platform for earn but definitely not for overnight dreamers

Its 100% true that online surveys are not for fast earn procedure. No doubt there are several other ways to earn money but survey earning is always effortless as compared to others though the payout amount is less on this field, still its value for your effort for you.

If you are one of them who decided to give survey and earn some genuine points then you can definitely try this Opinion Outpost platform. Remember one thing before register yourself on this platform its quite necessary to create a separate email because if you will add your regular email on these survey site then you will get several emails which are definitely annoying for any one. Yes another thing you should take care of, make sure to install an anti malware software on your system. This website is not for those who wants to earn money rapidly so if you have patience and can spend sufficient time on survey then you can try this legit and popular survey site ever.




3 Unique ways to save more on your groceries

save on groceries

How many times it happens when we visit a store found our self spending more than our planned budget. With me it happens almost all the time and the reason is that we do not have control on our temptation. My wife always make plan before visiting the grocery but it never happened that we have not crossed our budget. but this used happened earlier now she stick to the plan and saving lots on groceries from last 5 years. Now same we are going to share with our readers so that they can also save some substantial amount on their grocery expenses.

1. Price comparison

Make a list of the items which you frequently buy from the store. Now compare the prices of these items with other available stores. Now do this with at least 5 or more than 5 stores which are available near by your area. This way you would have idea which item has lower price at which store. or may this would let you know which store can save a good amount of money on overall purchases.

2. Substitute of products

Replacing product can make a huge difference in your prices. But make sure this can work only with close substitute. So if the prices of one item have gone up you can replace with other item which is available at lower price. It is all about the choice if you want to save money it is an easy step that you should take.

3. Check deals,discounts and coupons

Many times we miss discounts just because we are not aware of them. and we don’t take time to search this information otherwise there are lots of information available over the internet where you can find deal and discounts. whenever you are planning to visit the store check their all deals and discounts this would definitely help to save you some dollars.

We all want to save money but no body wants to compromise and that is the reason every time we make plan and it gets failed. first we need to ensure that we should follow the plan religiously so that we can achieve our goal. these were some of our suggestion which you can follow and save bills on your groceries.



Best survey sites which you should try to make some dollars

Survey could be best way to make money from your home and mostly they pay in exchange of your feedback and task that you complete. And here you don’t make money directly for every task these website offer you some points and when you reach their minimum threshold then you can convert these in gift card or paypal cash. Now you must be thinking you can start making full time income with these website so it does not work like that. Most of the time the task give you points which is equal vent to some cents that means in whole day you won’t make more than $5. So you have to keep this thing in mind before following these websites.

I personally worked on many websites some are just waste and I also wasted my precious time on that but I don’t want others to do the same. So based on my experience I decided to share some of the best website with my readers who want to make some extra money.

Best and legit survey sites which you should try

1. Swagbucks

2. Inboxdollars

3. Vindale Research

4. Panda Research

5. Spring board America

6. Ipsos I say

7. VIP Voice

8. National consumer panel

9. Globaltestmarket

10. Ipoll

11. Mypoints

12. E-poll

13. Panel Station

14.  Survey savvy


16. Mysurvey

17. Parentspeak

18. cashcrate

19. valued opinion

20. CVS Advisor Panel

21. Testspin

22. Palm Research

23 Opinion outpost

24. Pirzerebel

25. InboxPays

These are some of the best and popular survey sites which you should try in the initial stage and do not rush for those who are paying very high. Most of the time these are fake and you won’t be able to withdraw your amount. so it is better to go with those who are paying at market price and running from long time.

How to identify whether a site is genuine or fake?

It is tough to identify which are fake ones but it is easy to find whom we should go. It is tough when the site is new in the market else you can easily identify. Here I am going to discuss some of the key points which you should look in a survey site.

1. The first things check from how long the site is running. You can easily do this by searching domain history or through a web search.

2. Now check their recent reviews what people are sharing for that website.

3. You can also follow those sites on social media. There you will find many details about the website.

4. Join survey forums this also one of my favorite spot to check the details. Here you will find even a minute level information such as what is their payment cycle? what mode they use? what kind surveys they ask ? and how much money they usually provide per survey