Are you too busy to submit loan applications to banks? If so, the obvious solution is to trust this task to a broker, whose job is to collaborate with finance companies in the name of borrowers.

Your only task would be sending the documentation to a broker and allowing this professional to forward it to its partners. The most surprising news is that you won’t be charged a penny for the service. The selection of such brokers is extensive, which makes the decision-making process complicated for borrowers.

The following review might help you hire the best one.


Lendo has transformed into a prominent loan broker in the Norwegian finance market in a relatively short time. The Schibsted Group is the owner of this company. Folks can borrow both small and large sums, starting with 5000 kroner up to 500,000 kroner. The term reserved for repayment can be chosen by borrowers themselves, but it cannot exceed twelve years.

Regarding Lendo’s cooperation with finance companies and banks, it has collaborated with twelve different institutions. Consequently, your application will be delivered to all of them. Borrowers who intend to søk forbrukslån through a broker can find the lowest-cost loans. The lowest interest that you can get through Lendo is 9.6%. Nevertheless, most individuals agree to spend more on interest, such as 15%. The entire process takes place quickly, and it’s completed within an hour.

The speed of the procedure allows borrowers to receive their first offer after just one hour. Everyone who is older than twenty is permitted to apply. However, you also have a permanent address in Norway, be a Norwegian citizen, or have lived in Norway for at least three years. Another condition is for applicants to have a fixed income of NOK 120,000 or higher on an annual basis.

AXO Finans

Another loan broker worth the attention of borrowers is AXO Finans. It has many years of experience in this sector with established offices in Sweden and Norway. The loan limits at this broker start from NOK 10,000 and reach 500,000 kroner. Just like Lendo, AXO Finans provides individuals with the freedom to choose the length of the payback period on their own. The maximum duration is fifteen years.

As far as bank collaborations are concerned, AXO Finans has established relationships with seven banks, including Komplett Bank, DNB, and Ressurs Bank. They will forward your application to their partners and wait for quotes. Provided your request is approved by some or all partners, you will be delivered quotes with the offered terms. The average interest at AXO Finans is 16%, whereas the minimum age requirement is 25 years.


The company that stands behind Zmarta was known as Centum Finans, but the change of names took place in 2015. Prior to 2015, this company operated in the lending world for years. The upper limit of borrowing requirements is 500,000 kroner. Zmarta is a partner with thirteen finance companies and banks. Its partners include Ikano Bank, yA Bank, DNB, Santander, and other popular names.

Additionally, your application will be subjected to a credit check, based on which lenders will decide if a proposal should be made. Many individuals find Zmarta to be a helpful loan broker, as it guarantees rates of 9.9% at the lowest. Anyhow, such rates are available only to people with upstanding credit ratings. If yours isn’t convincing enough, the offered interest will probably be about 15%.

Online 24

Another experienced Norwegian loan broker is Online 24, offering credit from 10,000 to half a million kroner. Borrowers have the freedom to choose how long they want to spend repaying the money, which cannot exceed twelve years. Online 24 has eight financial partners, such as Avida Finans, yA Bank, DNB, Ikano Bank, etc.

Moreover, these banks will assess your request and determine whether you are reliable enough to be provided a loan. The offers sent by banks inform would-be borrowers about the interest required on their part, which is sixteen percent on average. The conditions of application are quite similar to the rest of the brokers, with the exception of the high age limit, which is 25 years.

Zen Banking

Unlike the other loan brokers with a more significant record of experience, Zen Banking is described as part of the newest players in the financial market. This company was founded over a decade ago in 2009. The amount a person can borrow is identical to the sums offered by most brokers, from 10,000 to half a million kroner. The payback period, however, is slightly longer, fifteen years.

Borrowers are subjected to credit checks before lenders decide what to do. On average, the interest at Zen Banking is 15.8%. Unless you are 25 years old and have a yearly income of 200,000 kroner, don’t bother to apply.

Web Finance 24

Another new loan service in Norway is Web Finance 24, offering the option to borrow NOK 5,000- 500,000. The application takes place online and doesn’t require any money. Many people find this service attractive because of the convenience and ability to manage payments in a flexible manner.

Click Loan (Klikklån)

Klikklån is the correct choice for people seeking small credit amounts, as it makes NOK 5,000- 40,000 offers. Individuals over twenty years old can apply online and use BankID to sign the agreement. Additionally, applicants need fixed incomes and proof of being registered in Norway.


Another loan service specializing in microloans up to NOK 50,000 is L’easy. Being over twenty and free of payment remarks is a must. Their microloans last up to 72 months, but people can repay them earlier than this term without paying extra costs. Comparing interest rates with other microloan providers is suggested to every applicant.

Wrap up

Set clear objectives before starting the quest for a loan middle man.

The goals you define will narrow your choice down and facilitate the searching process for you!

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