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Here is a list of 10 small business ideas in Canada that will not cost you a Million Dollars and you will not need a PhD to run the business either, most businesses do require some start-up capital but what they require the most is: hard work, dedication and the desire to succeed.  

  1. Pet sittingAccording to the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters (NAPPS) pet care is one of the fastest growing businesses in Canada, if you’re an animal lover this is the perfect business for you. 
  1. Cleaning service- all you need to start this business is cleaning products, having your room cleaned by a cleaning service is no longer limited to the rich now more people want affordable cleaning services to do the job for them this is why a residential cleaning service has a lot of potential. 
  1. Small Business & Personal Accounting Service a crucial aspect of a business is an accountant and a bookkeeper but finding one that is competent is hard work. Providing large scale businesses and individuals who need help with their taxes with accounting and bookkeeping service is a great idea and has enormous potential. 
  1. Delivery service some people are unable to step out the home and do day to day groceries for various reasons, either they are too busy or a certain disability disallows them for such people a delivery service is a saviour. Why not deliver items to online shoppers at their doorstep. 
  1. E-Commerce– with the development of technology more and more people are moving to E-Commerce for their shopping needs and that means there are more opportunities for business owners to sell items online. 
  1. Event Planning- enjoy a swing on the weekend and have a taste for good décor? Event planning may just be a business up your ally and also one that the Canadians will love. 
  1. Gardening Service- Gardening is a popular hobby amongst Canadians, why not turn this hobby into a business? Not only will you make money from it, it’s also a natural stress buster and a great way to keep you fit and healthy. 
  1. Painting- many people don’t find time to paint their homes because of their busy schedule or simply because DIY isn’t their thing, once you have clients you can hire professional painters to do the job for you if you feel you are not competent enough to do it yourself. You can call yourself the manager of the Painting crew. 
  1. Tuitions- this can be done at the comfort of your own home and with the development of technology tutors are now using the internet in order to tutor students via video. A great business can be to teach English to non-native English speakers who are eager to learn. 
  1. Freelancing content writing- find content writing jobs and pass them on to writers and keep a small sum for yourself, the more work you find the more successful you will be and you won’t physically have to do anything. 




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