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Billy lane was born on the 6th of February in the year 1970. He is a professional motorcycle customizer, owner of the chopper Inc. and an actor. Billy lance is majorly famous for his 2009 case of imprisonment as in 2006, an accident happened due to lane drunk and drove caused the death of another rider. 

All the more, he has also appeared on the discovery channel. Rather than just being an actor and motorcycle customizer, he is a writer as well. Here is an utter biography of Billy lane; let’s jump straight to the facts. 

Early life 

Billy lane, real name William David lane, was born on the 6th of February in the year 1970 in Miami, Florida. His Alma meter demonstrates Florida state university and Florida international university at the very same time. 

Lane acquired a degree from Florida state university. The degree has majored in associate, after few progression he receives his second degree from the Florida international university, and the degree majored in the bachelors of mechanical engineering. He was interested in motorcycles and automobiles since he was quite young. This is one of the prominent reasons he is one of the popular motorcycle customizers existing at the instance.

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The major highlight of lane’s professional career was the drunk and driving incident of 2006. In 2006, the lane was driving a Ram in Florida which was utterly meant for the promotional means; all the more, the lane was equipped with a revoked license due to some prior accident. Unintentionally Billy lane over went the yellow line of an explicit highway named the Florida route A1A. 

He was having a rush inside his head, making him overtake two cars by crossing the double line. After the overtaking progression, he was unaware that the motorcycle is approaching him at a considerable speed, and both vehicles collided. The dodge ram was bashed with the head of Gerald more lock, which was driving a motorcycle of Yamaha Company. Gerald came across severe injuries on his head, and he was instantly dead after the incident. 

Lane was forced to turn himself as the family of Gerald filed a case on the Billy lane. Billy was underlined as not guilty till 2009. The accident of lane with Gerald acquired an exceeding extent of attention as the lane was correspondingly a former professional motorcyclist, which made some members of the community in his favour where some of them were not in his favour at all. In a nutshell, there was immense chaos in the motorcycle community after this explicit incident.

After three years of the lawsuit filed by Gerald’s family, a lane was proven guilty. He has been imprisoned for six years, all the more probation of almost three years. The fact might amaze you that Billy lane has lost his driving license for his entire life, and he cannot restore the license ever. 

Net worth 

the net worth of Billy lane is estimated as $1 million to $5 million

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