In this post, you will find valuable information that will help you boost your brand by applying the Social Media raffle technique.

Although there are currently many brands that adopt this strategy, it is undeniable that the results after making a raffle, favour the profits of a company.

Reasons to Create Social Media Draws

According to a study, 85% of people between 18 and 55 years of age connect to the internet through their smartphone. For the next few years, that figure will exceed 90%, something unthinkable long ago.

This growth is linked to the presence in Social Media because these devices allow total accessibility and eliminate any type of barriers since it is not necessary to connect from the PC as in the past.

We name 4 reasons to create raffles in Social Media:

  • The social media draws allow you to have a solid presence in the place where your audience comes to life.
  • They are very good for word of mouth communication, as more users will want to participate, which is a good way for the promotion to become viral and new people to know the company.
  • It gives the chance to trust blindly. A point that undoubtedly shortens the way to get quality customers.
  • It is excellent as a mechanism to increase sales effectiveness and without much effort. You just have to structure your goals well.

That is why, as a company, we must improve our Social Media strategy to get into the conversation with our potential clients. These social platforms are the means to keep in touch with the public.

Facebook is the favourite social network to make draws. In this video, you will be able to know some details so that you start structuring your contest.

Objectives of Social Media Sweepstakes

The idea of creating sweepstakes in social networks is to humanize the brand and that all parties feel much more important.

They are also very good for word of mouth communication, as more users will want to participate, which is a good way for the promotion to become viral and new people to know the company.

If you want to make a raffle in Social Media, but you are still not clear about what you want to achieve. You must review some of the objectives that every company should consider before applying it:

  1. Convert new customers and build loyalty. Undoubtedly, Social Media raffles are an excellent mechanism to expose your brand to the public. With this, you will not only achieve loyalty to your customers, but you will also have the opportunity to expose yourself to new consumers.
  • Increase the number of followers in Social Networks. Some claim that the amount does not matter. Still, it is worth noting that without a large number of followers, virilising content is more complex, for example. The number of followers does matter to carry out several practices in Social Media, and if that is what you want to achieve, drawing lots on social networks is an excellent option.
  • Start up the business or any service. One of the oldest practices in social networks and still bearing fruit. Consumers love to get gifts. If you want to promote a product and that quickly reaches the hands of potential consumers, you have to rely on the Social Media raffles.
  • Expose the brand. If you are starting in the world of social networks, the draw is one of the fastest ways to gain visibility.

Two aspects motivate brands to carry out raffles in Social Media to gain notoriety. The first to make the official launch from scratch of the company and the second has to do with brand recall.

The idea is to tell the customer that you are still there, with products capable of covering the needs and at a good price.

Before starting to create sweepstakes in Social Media, you must carry out some studies that confirm if your brand is at the best time to perform this type of event.

Analyze if your audience responds well to these types of actions. Study everything that has to do with the characteristics of your niche. Knowing the purchasing power, how they interact in the networks, average age of the ideal client are some of the points that you have to study to know if a contest will give you the results you want.

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