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Michael Dorn Net Worth

Michael Dorn had chosen his career as an actor, television, and voice-over actor. He is very much famous for his role as Klington in the Worf. He had begun his job at a very early stage of time. He had many movies such as Star Terk, Shadows Hours, and Lessons for an Assassin.

Early Life

Michael Dorn was brought down on this earth on 9th December 1952. He was taken down on this earth in the land of Luling, which is present in Texas in the U.S. He had taken birth from Allie Lee and Fentress Dorn Jr. Though he was born in Luling, he was brought to Pasadena, which is present in California. He had done his studies of radio and television production from Pasadena City College. From his childhood, he was much interested in the acting field; for that reason, he had chosen the graduation from Radio college. After completing college, he had immediately joined the career of his choice. He used to travel several places and joined the musical band. He used to tour San Francisco to Los Angeles.


When he was started his career, he had appeared in the film, whose name was Rocky. The film was released in the year 1976. He had appeared in the role of Apollo Creed Bodyguard. At the beginning of his career, he had made the guest appearance in the television show, known as W.E.B., which was released in 1978. After working in the W.E.B., the producer was so interested that he offered an acting teacher named Charles E. Conrad. The most recognizable work in his career was “Star Trek .”He had done the role of the work. He had done most of the episodes in Star Trek. He had materialized in 175 attacks in Star Trek. Rather than doing films, he had done many television series and video games. He had done the commercial ad for Neutrogena T-Gel Shampoo. He had also done the Dodge Dart car Ad. He had done the role of Worf in the series, which was known as Family Guy. The show was aired on Webstar. He had another television series known as Castle; he was playing the role of a Police Detective whose name was Kate Beckett. In hiS career time, he had done Rocky, Demon Seed, Jagged Edge, Star Trek, Timewaster, Mission Critical, Menno Friend, Shadow Hours, Mach 2, and many more. He had done television series such as chips, Knots Landing, 227, hunter, Days kf our Life, Reading Rainbow, Webster, Dinosaurs, and many more.

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Personal Life

He is an accomplished pilot and prime member of Aircraft Owners and Pilot Associations. He had private aircraft. In an interview, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. This infection let him into turned n to a vegetarian.

Net Worth           

He holds a total net worth of $8 million, which he had gained from his acting career.

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