Italy is a popular immigration destination as it provides several options to eligible applicants. You may get a second passport through descent, marriage, or naturalization, provided you qualify for these routes. An investor visa is the best option if you are not eligible for either of these alternatives. But the thought of investing millions to buy residency sounds daunting. However, things are far less challenging than you imagine, provided you know the facts regarding the Italian investor visa. You can check the complete guide on to understand the nitty-gritty of immigration through investment. Here are some money hacks that get it within your reach.

Know the investment options

Investment is the mainstay of immigration with the investor visa, so you must be financially ready for it. Expect to bring a hefty amount to buy residency, though things are easy for Italian immigrants. You can actually start with a minimal investment of €250,000 in an innovative startup company. Of course, there are other options like investing in an established business (€500,000), donating to a welfare project (€1 million), and buying government bonds (€2 million). Know the investment options, compare them, and decide on the one that works for you.

Prep your bank statements

Although the investor visa entails a massive investment, you need not bring anything until the completion of the process. But you must be ready with your bank statements to validate the ownership of adequate funds. You will require them for the nulla osta process to get a certificate of no impediment. It is the first step you must complete to apply for an investor visa with your local consulate. Prepare your statements ahead to make the entire process a breeze.

Get your funds ready before landing

You can complete the investor visa process with only the bank statements. But the funds have to come after landing in Italy and getting a residence permit. The deadline period for depositing the committed funds is three months from the date of obtaining your residence permit. You may have to leave the country if you miss the deadline, so it makes sense to have funds in place before coming to Italy.

Retain investment for the long haul

Perhaps, the most crucial piece of money advice for investor visa applicants is to be ready to retain your investment for the long haul. An extended stay of a decade with your investment intact makes you eligible for citizenship by naturalization. It is a small price for one of the most powerful passports that let you travel to hundreds of countries and access citizenship benefits. You only have to follow immigration law and extend your residence permits from time to time to qualify for naturalization.

An investor visa expert is the best person to provide you with valuable insights, along with the best money advice for the process. You can follow these tips to choose wisely and ease the journey despite the investment required for the process. Being prepared gives you a clear advantage, so do not miss out on this advice.

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