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For a normal student, any school that delivers quality education is good enough. There are however children who become celebrities at a very young age and their education will never be the same again. They have to choose wisely where they go to school. A couple of celebrities will even go to the same school so that they do not feel awkward. Being together as celebrities gives them some kind of moral support. It is easier to have the whole school look at a number of you than just you alone. Parents to celebrity children put that into consideration among other factors to ensure that they have a normal school life and where there shall be less or no discrimination. They want to ensure that their children are able to learn without the prying eye of the public. A child may have carried a tuna salad and soon the blogs will be up and running saying how you have gone bankrupt.You may even find yourself on the morning newspaper as other kids took pictures of your child doing something completely normal. Parents would rather find a safe haven for their children to learn. Besides, celebrities chose schools that allow them to seek help for their school studies. So which schools are these?

  1. Harvard business school

Everyone alive must have heard of Harvard. This is one of the most popular school to be attended by celebrities. Not only is it known for offering quality education but also as a home to some of the biggest names in the celebrity world. An honourable mention has to be supermodel Tyra Banks. The beauty has strut the fashion runways and started various businesses which have all been successful. This not only proves that Harvard is at the top when it comes to offering quality education but also a home to beauty and brains.

  1. Suffolk university

This is one of the colleges that celebrities enrol in to avoid the public eye. It is an institution that values the privacy of its individuals hence will protect their students at all costs. It is no surprise that a number of celebrity children or celebrities with children make their way to this institution.

  1. New York University

New York is said to be the city where everything good happens. Now if you want everything good to happen to you, you will definitely find a school for your children to study. If you are a celebrity or your child is, you will need to take them to a prestigious institution that offers quality education. If you are in New York, look no further. New York University has been a home for many celebrities and will continue being so.

  1. Brown university

This is a university where the learners get to have famous celebrities who have been successful in their various careers come in and mentor them. This enables the learners to feel as part of the larger community. Taking a celebrity child in this institution therefore won’t come as a shock to other students as they are used to seeing famous people.

  1. Berkelee college of music

Most celebrities are in the music industry. In order to learn and perfect their craft, they enrol in music colleges. Berkelee is one of the most famous music schools where celebrities attend. You might therefore be star struck if you were to enrol in this college.

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