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Ricky Schroder Net Worth

Ricky Schroder was born on the thirteenth April 1970, and he is a prominent actor and moviemaker from America. He has been a child actor in The Champ, where he played the role of Ricky Schroder. He won the Golden Globe for his presentation, and he became the youngest actor to do so. He has also gone on Silver Spoon’s sitcom, where he became a child star. He has kept his adult acting career consistent and has been in a miniseries named Lonesome Dove, a Western miniseries where he played the role of Newt. He has also been in NYPD Blue, a crime drama series, and then made his breakout as a director from Black Cloud the movie.

Early Life

Ricky is originally from Brooklyn, and he was raised in the area of Staten Island. He was born to Richard John Schroder and Katherine Bartlett. His parents used to be employed at AT&T; his grandparents from the paternal side were immigrants. His mother left her job to help raise him and his sister. He appeared as a child model on several catalogs, and he made sixty commercial performances by the age of six.

He made his breakout in movies from The Champ, where he played Jon Voight’s son. There was also a remake of the film with the same title in 1931, and he won a golden globe for best new make star. He became the youngest winner in the history of the Golden Globe to secure an award win.

Career Beginning

He then became a known superstar in the world of Hollywood after he played a character in Silver Spoons. He adapted the character of Ricky Stratton, the leading role and the son of a fictional wealthy, eccentric Millionaire. His performance has helped him earn two awards from Young Artist, and he struggled with his identity after Silver Spoons ended. He was mainly designated for the role of blond hart throbs and boyish teens. He avoided playing other child vices and attempted to portray himself as an actor who understands maturity. He dropped them from his name and then enrolled in Calabasas High.

Ricky then starred in Too Young The Hero, a movie-based story from CBS TV in 1988. His character followed a world war two candidate who passed at twelve named Calvin Graham. He then appeared in Wrestlemania 2, where he performed the role of a timekeeper while the fight between King Kong Bundy and Hulk Hogan was happening.

Personal Life

Ricky first got married to Bernard Andrea on 26th September 1992, and he has four children named Faith, Holden, Cambridge, and Luke. They have all made an appearance in Our Wild Hearts, released in 2013, and separated in 2016. He then converted to a member of Latter-Day Saints, and it was the same church that his ex-wife belonged to in the past.

Net Worth

The current average and approximate net worth of Ricky Schroder is about 25 million dollars, and he has made most of it from his career as an accomplished actor and stage performer. He has appeared in several renowned movies and television series, and he is prominent because of it.

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