Net Worth of Russ

Russell James Vitale alias Russ is a well-known personality as a rapper, record producer, singer, and songwriter from America. Russ became famous though his super-duper hit songs Losin Control and What They Want. Diemon Crew is a famous rapping group, to which Russ is also a member. As of October 2020, his net worth is estimated to be 12 Million Dollars.

Early Life

Russ is an American by birth, and he was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States on 26th September 1992. He is a Sicilian by birth and due to his father’s working nature, he has been shifting to various regions like New Jersey, North California, and Kentucky. Finally, he got settled in Georgia. He was suffering from heterochromia, in which his eyes will be colored differently, with a light brown in the right eye and dark brown in the left eye.

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When Russ was eighteen years old, he recorded his first song, from the basement of his house. But he was not successful in his first album and to be frank, his first 11 recordings were a flop. But he had worked spending most of the time recording, mixing, and launching songs from his basement. This is because he didn’tknow the marketing tactics at that age. Initially, his songs had only less than 100 views.

After consecutive failures, he identified his mistake and adapted a successful marketing strategy. From the year 2014, he planned to release one of his recordings on weekly basis on Soundcloud. This marketing tactic became successful, and many followers emerged for his recordings.

In the year 2016, Russ hired Cara Lewis, and from this, he got chances for various tours namely EuropeanTourand a two-hour tour to North America. Both the tours were sold for more copies. In the same, Columbia records, hired Russ. Russ’sWhat they Want, which was released by Columbia, was a master hit and it was included in the list of Top 100 Billboard Charts. This song gained more than 21 million YouTube viewers and 48 Million Spotify streams.

Losin Control was his song, which was a big hit and was ranked83rd position in Top 100 Billboard Charts. In the year 2017, he has released his first marketing album There’s a wolf.This album was ranked 7 on Billboard 200, ranked 9 in Canada, and ranked 4 on US R & B/ Hi-Hop Charts and US Rap.Russ released his second album Zoo in the year 2018, which ranked4on Billboard 200 and ranked 2 on US R & B/ Hi-Hop Charts and US Rap

In the Wake Up Tour, Russ has performed as the main actor, which attracted and has won many young hearts.


In his 24 years of age, Russ was nominated for Woodie Awards in the category of A Woodie to Watch.

The net worth of Russ

The estimated Net worth of Russ as of October 2020 is 12 Million Dollars. He has gained this wealth through his successful Music and songs. His famous Tours also add up to the reason for getting this much gain. Russ’s Music Journey was not so easy, and he has reached this position only through his consistent hardwork and improvements.

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