The Cauldron GEMINI Experience in Horizon Forbidden West offers players an exhilarating adventure in the game’s immersive world. Serving as the fourteenth mission in the main story campaign, Cauldron GEMINI is one of the six Cauldrons available to players.

Accessible towards the end of the story, this challenging mission provides the opportunity to unlock a highly sought-after flying mount upon completion. Recommended for players at level 30, the Cauldron GEMINI experience is not for the faint of heart.

With careful preparation and strategic thinking, players will navigate treacherous terrains, engage in intense battles, and solve intricate puzzles. Confronting formidable enemies and facing off against the Slaughterspine boss, players must employ precise tactics and exploit vulnerabilities to emerge victorious.

Completing Cauldron GEMINI rewards players with valuable experience points, skill points, and the coveted Sunwing mount override.

Background of Cauldron GEMINI

The Background of Cauldron GEMINI provides crucial insight into the origins and significance of this particular Cauldron in Horizon Forbidden West. Cauldrons are ancient, underground facilities created by the Old Ones, and Cauldron GEMINI is one of six Cauldrons players can explore in the game. These Cauldrons serve as dungeons where players can override and control machines to aid them in their journey.

Cauldron GEMINI, in particular, holds great importance in the game’s narrative. It is the fourteenth mission in the main story campaign, and players can access it towards the end of the story. Completion of Cauldron GEMINI unlocks the flying mount in the game, a significant gameplay element that allows players to traverse the vast world of Horizon Forbidden West with ease. The recommended level for tackling Cauldron GEMINI is 30, indicating its challenging nature.

Understanding the background of Cauldron GEMINI adds depth to the overall lore of Horizon Forbidden West. Exploring this ancient facility and uncovering its secrets not only provides players with thrilling gameplay but also reveals more about the history and technology of the world they inhabit. As players delve deeper into Cauldron GEMINI, they unravel the mysteries surrounding its creation and purpose, enhancing their overall immersion in the game’s rich and immersive universe.

Starting and Progressing Through Cauldron GEMINI

To embark on the journey through Cauldron GEMINI in Horizon Forbidden West, players must initiate the quest by speaking to GAIA.

It is advisable for players to ensure they are well-equipped before entering the Cauldron. Inside Cauldron GEMINI, players will encounter enemies that are weak against Acid or Purgewater damage.

Upon starting the quest, players will witness a cutscene featuring Aloy, Beta, and Varl. To progress through the Cauldron, players can climb up a vent and utilize the Shieldwing to glide to the next area. Aloy also has the ability to reveal climbing points using the Pullcaster.

As players navigate through the Cauldron, they will come across a split path where they can grapple up onto poles and platforms. Additionally, players should employ a Strike From Above attack to take down the Longleg.

In order to proceed further, players need to access a Network Uplink located on the central platform. However, HEPHAESTUS blocks the Network Uplink and sends more machines to fight. Players must engage in a battle against two Leaplashers and a Grimhorn, prioritizing the defeat of the Leaplashers to make the fight easier.

Aloy then needs to make her way to the Materials Bay while avoiding electrified water. The next enemies to face are a Spikesnout, Clawstrider, Fire Bellowback, and Apex Redeye Watchers.

Finally, players will confront the Slaughterspine boss, which is weak against Purgewater and Frost attacks. Utilizing Focus will allow players to identify weak points on the Slaughterspine, and eliminating the Plasma Earthblaster will increase the damage dealt.

After defeating the Slaughterspine, Aloy can attempt the Network Uplink override. Successful completion of Cauldron GEMINI rewards players with 24,000 XP, two skill points, and the Sunwing mount override.

Confronting HEPHAESTUS and Fighting More Machines

Upon encountering HEPHAESTUS, players must engage in a battle against additional machines in Cauldron GEMINI. HEPHAESTUS, the rogue AI, blocks the Network Uplink and summons more machines to eliminate the threat. The battle intensifies as two Leaplashers and a Grimhorn join the fight. To increase their chances of success, players should focus on defeating the Leaplashers first, as they pose a significant threat.

Once the initial wave of enemies is dealt with, Aloy must make her way to the Materials Bay while avoiding electrified water. The journey continues with the appearance of a Spikesnout, Clawstrider, Fire Bellowback, and Apex Redeye Watchers, which present formidable challenges. Players must strategize and utilize their weapons and skills effectively to overcome these formidable foes.

Defeating the Slaughterspine Boss and Obtaining Rewards

Players can earn valuable rewards by defeating the Slaughterspine boss in Cauldron GEMINI. These rewards include 24,000 XP, two skill points, and the Sunwing mount override.

The Slaughterspine boss is weak against Purgewater and Frost attacks. Therefore, players should focus their efforts on utilizing these types of damage. Using the Focus ability to identify the weak points on the Slaughterspine is advisable, as it enables players to deal more damage effectively. Additionally, eliminating the Plasma Earthblaster will allow players to maximize their damage output.

Once the Slaughterspine has been defeated, Aloy can proceed with the Network Uplink override. Successfully completing Cauldron GEMINI will reward players with 24,000 XP, contributing to their overall leveling progress. Furthermore, two skill points will be granted, allowing players to further enhance Aloy’s abilities and combat prowess.

Lastly, players will unlock the Sunwing mount override. This provides them with a unique and powerful flying mount for traversing the expansive world of Horizon Forbidden West. These rewards serve as a testament to the player’s skill and determination in conquering the challenging Slaughterspine boss encounter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take to Complete Cauldron Gemini?

The completion time for Cauldron GEMINI in Horizon Forbidden West may vary based on individual gameplay and exploration. On average, it can take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete, depending on the player’s skill level and familiarity with the game mechanics.

Can the Flying Mount Be Used Outside of Cauldron Gemini?

No, the flying mount obtained by completing Cauldron GEMINI in Horizon Forbidden West cannot be used outside of the Cauldron. It is specifically unlocked as a reward within the context of the Cauldron GEMINI mission.

Are There Any Specific Weapons or Armor Recommended for Cauldron Gemini?

For Cauldron GEMINI, it is recommended to have weapons that deal Acid or Purgewater damage. As for armor, prioritize those that provide resistance against the machines found inside. Ensure your equipment is well-suited for the challenges ahead.

What Happens if the Network Uplink Override Fails?

If the Network Uplink override fails in Cauldron GEMINI, players will need to retry the process until they successfully complete it. Failing the override does not result in any penalties or negative consequences.

Can Players Revisit Cauldron GEMINI After Completing It?

Players cannot revisit Cauldron GEMINI after completing it in Horizon Forbidden West. Once the mission is finished, players cannot re-enter the Cauldron or engage in any activities within it.


In conclusion, the Cauldron GEMINI experience in Horizon Forbidden West offers players a thrilling adventure filled with challenging battles, intricate puzzles, and the opportunity to unlock the coveted Sunwing mount.

With careful preparation and strategic combat skills, players can confront the formidable HEPHAESTUS and defeat the Slaughterspine boss. Completing this mission rewards players with valuable experience and skill points.

Overall, the Cauldron GEMINI experience provides a captivating and immersive gameplay experience for players at level 30 and beyond.

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