Many people coveted investments like gold, silver, and other precious metals because they are tangible assets that don’t lose their value over time. Most savvy investors include gold into their portfolios as insurance against a stock market catastrophe or inflation.

If you want to include them as well, you may want to get started with gold companies that offer buying, selling, and storage of these precious metals for you. There are so many options that you can add to your investments, and others are platinum and palladium. Also, you should consider a variety of reasons why you should also start the treasure hunt for yourself. Read on to find more about these metals work and how you can start investing in them.


Gold is the most valuable when it comes to precious metals. It has the ability to conduct electricity, it’s malleable, and it doesn’t rust or corrode. It can be used in various industries like electronics, dentistry, and space explorations. Check out Kinross Gold review for companies that are offering services of buying and selling gold. Many people are familiar with these shiny metals as a form of currency or a base for expensive jewelry.

The value of this shiny yellow metal is determined 24/7 by markets worldwide. The trades are not necessarily directly affected by the supply and demand laws. A new supply from the mines can be easily outweighed by the hoarded gold above ground and those currently in circulation bars. When the hoarders feel like it’s time to sell some of their treasures, the price will definitely drop. When they want to buy, then expect that the costs will be higher as well.

Factors that Can Affect the Desire to Own Gold

  • Financial Concerns about the System: When financial institutions are currently unstable, and there’s ongoing political instability in a country, most people seek these shiny yellow metals as insurance and a safe haven for their money.
  • Inflation: Inflation can happen primarily when the paper assets produce negative returns for their investors. This is possible with stocks, bonds, real estate markets, and bonds. This is when most flock to the precious metals to maintain their portfolio’s value.
  • Political Crisis or War: Wars and political upheavals were common in the past, and when these happen, people just go into hoarding mode. Their lifetime’s worth of savings can be stored in portable precious bars that they can exchange later on for shelter and food when their money becomes useless. They can also use these as a safe passage to the next country that’s less dangerous.


Silver’s price has been through ups and downs for many years. It was also perceived as a store of value, and it has a role in the processing of industrial metals. Because of these, price fluctuations are common, and there can be volatility with silver. Read more about investing in silver on this site here.

While silver is not usually hoarded, the industry’s need for it has made it a solid asset for investors. New innovations may cause the price to fluctuate, but they may remain stable for a very long time. Some of these technological improvements that can affect the price of silver include:

  • Digital cameras are eclipsing silver-based photographic films. Metal was heavily used once in the photography industry, but it’s not as in demand today compared to the past decades.
  • The growing population of the middle class requires electrical appliances, industrial items, and medical products that need silver as one of their components. Many business owners may need electrical connections, bearings, and other features that make silver a desired commodity.
  • The use of silver in the microcircuit market, superconductor applications, and batteries.

It’s still not clear whether other developments in the future will affect the prices of silver and to what extent. However, the fact remains today that this is considered to be a store of value that people include in their investments.


Platinum is traded around the clock worldwide in global markets. It’s pricier than gold in terms of per troy ounce, and it’s a rarer metal. Some of the factors that can affect the platinum’s price include the following:

  • Similar to the case of silver, platinum is used in various industries. One of its greatest demands is for automotive catalysts that aim to reduce harmful emissions in the air. Others may use this in jewelry because it’s stable. Chemical refining catalysts, computer industries, and petroleum also have a high demand for platinum.
  • The automotive industry has a heavy reliance on precious metals, and this is when the prices of platinum can be affected by the sales of cars and their production. Legislations in some states for “cleaner air” can increase its demand, but carmakers may consider palladium because it’s less expensive.
  • The mines for platinum are concentrated in Russia and South Africa. Potential cartel-like actions are going on in the countries that may cause the artificial rise of the prices, and you may lose money when you’re buying at a higher price.


Palladium is lesser-known than the other three, but it’s also used in various manufacturing industries. It’s often used in medicine, groundwater treatment, dentistry, jewelry, chemical applications, and more. The majority of the mines for palladium are located in Canada, South Africa, the USA, and Russia. Know more about the chemical element of palladium in this url:

Many jewelers first decided to include palladium into necklaces, rings, and bracelets. When they are mixed with yellow gold, they produce a stronger and more durable metal called white gold. Pure forms of metal are malleable, and it can be metal workers who can create thin sheets out of them. These sheets are often used in fuel cells and solar energy industries, and they are also very hard once they have cooled down.

You can start with companies that have platforms where you can trade with precious metals. Others will arrange shipment or storage for you. You can also start investing in commodity exchange-traded funds, common stocks, bullion, certificates, futures, and options. It’s best if you could research first, read books, and consult with the experts before you start investing in precious metals.

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