In the popular television series Friends, there was a notable casting choice that left fans intrigued and questioning. The character of Russ, who bears a striking resemblance to Ross, was portrayed by an actor credited as ‘Snaro’ instead of David Schwimmer himself.

This decision sparked curiosity among viewers, prompting them to wonder why Schwimmer was not cast in the role.

In this article, we will explore the reasons behind this unique casting choice and delve into the significance of this storyline within the broader context of the show.

David Schwimmer’s Dual Roles in Friends

David Schwimmer’s portrayal of both Ross and Russ in Friends sparked intrigue and speculation among fans.

In the episode ‘The One with Russ,’ Schwimmer played the dual roles of Ross Geller and Russ, a character who looked remarkably similar to Ross.

This led to doubt among viewers, with many questioning if it was really Schwimmer playing both roles. However, looking back, it is clear that Schwimmer indeed played both characters.

To further confuse fans, in the credits for the episode, Schwimmer was credited as ‘Snaro,’ which was a tribute to one of his friends and also an alias he occasionally used. This added to the mystery surrounding the dual roles and created even more speculation among fans.

Despite the confusion, Schwimmer’s performances as both Ross and Russ were praised for their distinct characterizations and comedic timing. It showcased his versatility as an actor and solidified his place as one of the standout performers on the show.

The portrayal of these two characters by Schwimmer added an extra layer of entertainment and enjoyment for Friends fans.

The Significance of the Snaro Alias

The Snaro alias used in the credits of the episode ‘The One with Russ’ holds significant meaning in the context of David Schwimmer’s portrayal in Friends. While fans were initially uncertain if it was actually Schwimmer playing both Ross and Russ, the use of the Snaro alias confirmed that it was indeed him. The alias was a tribute to one of Schwimmer’s friends and also a pseudonym he occasionally used.

In the world of Friends, the credits were often used to make jokes and incorporate in-universe references. For example, in season 6, episode 1, the credits were changed to say Arquette to celebrate Courteney Cox’s marriage to David Arquette. This playful approach was a trademark of the show, and the Snaro incident was just one example of many fun trivia moments that only superfans would know.

‘The One with Russ’ itself is a significant episode in Friends. It marks the first mention of Joey playing Dr. Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives and introduces Phoebe’s catchphrase ‘Oh no.’ Additionally, it is the final appearance of Ross’ ex-girlfriend Julie, as she finds a new man in Russ, adding to the drama of the episode.

Friends’ Creative Use of Opening Credits

The creative use of opening credits in Friends added an element of humor and in-universe references. This was exemplified by the Snaro incident in ‘The One with Russ’. Friends often incorporated jokes and references into their opening credits, showcasing their attention to detail and commitment to entertaining their audience.

In season 6, episode 1, the credits were changed to say ‘Arquette’ as a tribute to Courteney Cox’s marriage to David Arquette. This playful alteration showcased the production team’s ability to adapt and have fun with the show’s format.

The Snaro incident in ‘The One with Russ’ was another example of Friends’ clever use of opening credits. David Schwimmer, who played both Ross and Russ in the episode, was credited as Snaro, which caused confusion among fans who doubted if it was really him. This inside joke served as a nod to Schwimmer’s friends and also referenced an alias he used from time to time. It demonstrated the show’s willingness to go the extra mile to entertain and engage its audience.

Key Moments in the Episode ‘The One With Russ

In ‘The One with Russ’, several significant moments unfold, further showcasing the cleverness and comedic brilliance of Friends.

Firstly, this episode marks the first mention of Joey playing the iconic character of Dr. Drake Ramoray on the fictional soap opera, Days of Our Lives. This storyline became a recurring theme throughout the series, providing countless hilarious moments for viewers.

Additionally, ‘The One with Russ’ introduces Phoebe’s catchphrase, ‘Oh no,’ which became a beloved and oft-repeated line by fans.

This episode also signifies the final appearance of Ross’ ex-girlfriend, Julie, who finds a new love interest in the form of Russ. This adds a layer of drama and tension to the episode, as Ross struggles to come to terms with his ex moving on.

These key moments highlight the show’s ability to seamlessly weave together humor, character development, and memorable catchphrases. Friends consistently delivered memorable and iconic episodes that have stood the test of time. ‘The One with Russ’ is no exception, capturing the essence of what made the show so beloved by audiences worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Did David Schwimmer Feel About Playing Both Ross and Russ in Friends?

David Schwimmer seemed to embrace playing both Ross and Russ in Friends. Although fans initially doubted if it was really him, Schwimmer’s dedication to the dual roles and his ability to differentiate the characters showcased his talent as an actor.

Were There Any Other Instances in Friends Where the Opening Credits Were Changed for a Joke?

Yes, there were other instances in Friends where the opening credits were changed for a joke. For example, in season 6, episode 1, the credits were changed to say Arquette to celebrate Courteney Cox’s marriage to David Arquette.

What Other Landmark Moments Happened in the Episode ‘The One With Russ’ Besides the Introduction of Joey Playing Dr. Drake Ramoray and Phoebe’s Catchphrase?

In the episode ‘The One with Russ’, apart from Joey playing Dr. Drake Ramoray and Phoebe’s catchphrase, key moments include the introduction of Ross’ ex-girlfriend Julie’s new man, marking her final appearance, and significant references to the ongoing drama.

Can You Provide More Information About the Friends Newsletters, Such as What Kind of Exclusive Content They Offer?

Friends newsletters provide exclusive content and updates related to the show. By subscribing, you can stay informed about the latest Friends news and events. The newsletters also include occasional deal communications, and you can unsubscribe anytime.

Aside From Friends, What Other TV Shows or Movies Has Colin Mccormick Written About?

Colin McCormick, a Senior Writer with Screen Rant and Game Rant, has covered various TV shows and movies. He stays up-to-date on the latest TV shows and has a special interest in crime stories infused with dark humor.


In conclusion, the casting choice of ‘Snaro’ to play the character of Russ instead of David Schwimmer in Friends was a deliberate creative decision.

The use of the Snaro alias added intrigue and humor to the episode, allowing viewers to question and speculate about the reasons behind this choice.

Friends’ creative use of opening credits and the significance of the Russ storyline further demonstrate the show’s ability to entertain and engage its audience.

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