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Putlocker is an online movie streaming website which has been in existence at the onset of 2011. The website was received positively and was used far and wide spanning multiple countries and the number of users spanned in millions. Each and every kind of content is available ranging from movies in multiple languages, TV series, anime, so on and so forth. More than millions of users logged in every day ranking it among the most used website for online streaming. Unfortunate enough, the website received the axe from the United Kingdom High Court terming it as a medium that uses piracy to its greatest extent.

Below given are some of the websites that serve as alternatives to this website are listed out as follows:



A great and a recommended website by many verified users as it contains majority of the content that you can access for free. Plus, Solarmovie has always acted as the backup website for Putlocker and it has held the position for quite a long time. Its popularity is so huge that many of websites have created mirrors for this which is present with similar names. Solarmovie has one of the most veritable amounts of contents pertaining to entertainment and it still reigns as the topmost contender.

  1. NITER


Niter comes a close second in this category of dark horses that has replaced Putlocker for good. The website also consists of many TV shows, series, movies and other content in large numbers but it sorely lacks in the looks department. The website design has been done poorly owing to obvious lack of planning on the part of the management. Another disadvantage is that it only caters to content pertaining to the United States region which is a bit biased considering its other alternatives.

  1. VUMOO


Vumoo is considered to the Google of content wherein the design aesthetic is such that you can literally search up content similarly like a search engine. Through relevant search criteria, you can therefore access content and stream it live as per your convenience. Also, you get the liberty to upload your content for free as well so that others would be able to use them too.

  1. 123MOVIES


This is among the simplest and the one of the most user friendly websites to ever grace the face of the internet. Apart from its sleek user interface, it also consists of a large collection of entertainment content containing TV shows, movie clips and anime collection, and so on and so forth. The interesting thing is that the user would be able to view the content without having to signup unnecessarily. Simply put, you can type in the URL, visit the site, and choose what you need to see, sit back, and munch on your popcorn.



GoMovies is a user friendly and a great website to look at, plus it contains content irrespective of any kind of geographical restriction. It also contains a search bar wherein you can put in your details and accordingly you will get everything that you need. The most beautiful thing about this website is that it’s much too simple without the need of overly extra icons that would prove cumbersome. GoMovies is the ultimate epitome of simplicity, since it is the ultimate sophistication, if truth be told and that is their strong point.

  1. HULU


This is perhaps the most famous one of the websites which is popular and still in existence which provides you free access to certain shows and movies before time compared to the other websites out there. It has a clean user interface and it contains good content too which is only available in select countries which are the United States and Japan. There is also a paid subscription which can be taken if you want to that grants access to premium content for the entire website. The plans normally start from $8 every month.



Megashare is one of the most reputed sites in existence and the website provides unlimited and free access across many different countries irrespective of the content type. Since it has been around here for too long a time, the user interface of the website is much more clean and polished as compared to the others. Plus it also has the option of filtering your personalized content with respect to the language, genre, etc. It is a one of those trusted options which can be considered if you don’t want to risk yourself with websites that you do not trust.


There have been many alternatives which came in the place of Putlocker and each and every one of them has their own advantages and disadvantages. So this is a list which would help you out on your quest to choose the best among all

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