Amanda Clark-Stoner’s departure from the popular reality television show ‘The Traitors’ has captured the attention and curiosity of viewers. Known for her dedication and impressive performances, Amanda’s sudden exit without explanation left fans puzzled.

However, she has recently come forward to shed light on the situation. Contrary to rumors, Amanda clarified that her departure was not due to pregnancy or quitting the competition. Instead, she revealed that she had tested positive for COVID-19, despite taking all necessary precautions.

As speculation surrounding the details of her infection continues, Amanda’s bold move of leaving ‘The Traitors’ behind raises questions about her future in the reality television realm.

This article will delve into the implications of Amanda Clark-Stoner’s decision and explore her potential for redemption.

Amanda’s Unexpected Departure

Amanda Clark-Stoner’s abrupt departure from The Traitors competition startled both viewers and fellow contestants. As a faithful contestant, Amanda had been performing well and remained calm during challenging missions.

Host Alan Cumming announced her departure without providing any explanation, leaving everyone speculating about the reason behind her exit. Rumors circulated that Amanda may have left because she was pregnant, but she clarified that the show was filmed eight months ago, and she is not expecting.

Another assumption was that she quit the competition, but Amanda emphasized that she is not a quitter and expressed her dedication to the game. The exact circumstances surrounding Amanda’s departure remain unknown, adding to the puzzling nature of her exit.

Regardless, viewers and fans of The Traitors were disappointed by Amanda’s unexpected exit, and many believe that if the show is renewed for a second season, she deserves another opportunity to play.

The Reason Behind Amanda’s Exit

Why did Amanda Clark-Stoner leave The Traitors competition?

The reason behind Amanda’s exit was revealed when she tested positive for COVID-19. Despite taking all necessary precautions, including wearing masks and quarantining before and after arriving in Scotland, Amanda contracted the virus. Her dreams and opportunity to compete were abruptly taken away.

Addressing assumptions about her departure, Amanda clarified that she was not pregnant, as the show was filmed eight months ago. She emphasized that she is not a quitter and expressed her dedication to the game as a faithful contestant.

Speculation arose about the circumstances of Amanda’s COVID-19 infection, with possibilities including a cast member testing positive and being replaced, and Amanda contracting the virus from the alternate cast member. However, the exact details remain speculative, leaving the circumstances of her infection puzzling.

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Addressing Assumptions and Rumors

One assumption that Amanda Clark-Stoner addresses regarding her departure from The Traitors is the rumor that she quit the competition. Amanda clarifies that she is not a quitter and emphasizes her dedication to the game as a faithful contestant.

The speculation that she voluntarily left the show is unfounded. Amanda’s early exit was due to testing positive for COVID-19, which she reveals was a devastating blow to her dreams and opportunity. She took all necessary precautions, including wearing masks and quarantining before and after arriving in Scotland.

Despite being vaccinated, she still contracted the virus. It is important to address these assumptions and rumors to set the record straight and ensure that the truth surrounding Amanda’s departure from The Traitors is understood.

Speculation Surrounding Amanda’s COVID-19 Infection

What factors may have contributed to Amanda Clark-Stoner’s COVID-19 infection on the set of The Traitors? Speculation surrounds the circumstances of Amanda’s infection, as the exact details remain unclear.

One possibility is that the first day of filming may not have been the original start date, suggesting that a cast member may have tested positive for COVID-19 and was replaced. If this is the case, Amanda may have contracted the virus from the alternate cast member. However, without concrete evidence, these theories remain speculative.

The circumstances of Amanda’s infection are puzzling, considering her adherence to safety measures such as wearing masks and quarantining before and after arriving in Scotland. As fans eagerly await further information, it is important to remember that COVID-19 infections can occur despite taking necessary precautions.

Amanda’s Impact and Potential for Redemption

Amanda Clark-Stoner’s impressive gameplay and early exit due to COVID-19 on The Traitors have left a lasting impact on viewers, sparking hope for her potential redemption in a second season.

Amanda’s strategic approach and determination throughout the competition endeared her to fans, making her a fan-favorite.

Her unexpected departure due to contracting the virus was not only disappointing but also heartbreaking for viewers who had rooted for her. Despite the unfortunate circumstances that led to her exit, Amanda’s resilience and strong performance have left a lasting impression.

If The Traitors is renewed for a second season, there is no doubt that Amanda should be given another opportunity to compete. Her potential for redemption and the chance to showcase her skills once again would be eagerly anticipated by fans.


In conclusion, Amanda Clark-Stoner’s departure from ‘The Traitors’ due to a positive COVID-19 test has raised questions and speculation among fans.

Despite taking necessary precautions, Amanda’s infection has highlighted the unpredictable nature of the virus.

While the exact details remain unknown, Amanda’s dedication and impact on the show have not gone unnoticed.

Her departure opens up the possibility for redemption and a potential second chance in the realm of reality television.

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