Welcome to our comprehensive guide on finding and utilizing the Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring. This invaluable weapon is highly sought after by players aiming to bolster their arsenal and uncover new regions within the game.

To acquire the Fingerslayer Blade, one must first triumph over the formidable mid-game boss, Starscourge Radahn, the Demigod General of Caelid. Overcoming Radahn not only grants players his coveted Remembrance and Great Rune, but also grants access to the illustrious Nokron, the Eternal City.

Inside Nokron, players must navigate through the perilous Site of Grace, confronting the formidable Mimic Tear boss and completing a platforming challenge at the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace. These trials culminate in the discovery of the elusive Fingerslayer Blade.

Once obtained, players can return the blade to Ranni to receive the Carian Inverted Statue, a remarkable reward that enables exploration of previously inaccessible regions and access to the enigmatic Divine Tower of Liurnia, where the Cursemark of Death awaits. In the forthcoming sections of our guide, we will provide meticulous instructions for each step of this captivating quest.

Unlocking the Fingerslayer Blade Location

To unlock the location of the Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring, players must first defeat Starscourge Radahn, the Demigod General of Caelid. Radahn serves as a challenging mid-game boss in the Lands Between. However, victory against Radahn is not without rewards.

Players will obtain his Remembrance, Great Rune, and gain access to Nokron, Eternal City, a new region to explore. To defeat Radahn, players can refer to a guide by Rifle Gaming on YouTube for tips and strategies.

Once Radahn is defeated, a cutscene will show a falling star in the forests of Limgrave, leading players to a newly created crater in Mistwood. This crater houses Nokron, where players can begin their quest to find the Fingerslayer Blade.

Fingerslayer Blade Location Inside Nokron

The Fingerslayer Blade can be found inside Nokron, the Eternal City, after defeating Starscourge Radahn in Elden Ring. Once players have unlocked Nokron by defeating Radahn, they can proceed to the first Site of Grace within the city.

Here, they will encounter the Mimic Tear boss, who mimics the player’s form once activated. To easily defeat the Mimic Tear, it is recommended to unequip all weapons, armor, and spells before entering the boss room.

After defeating the Mimic Tear, players must complete a platforming challenge at the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace. They will need to follow a specific path across rooftops, defeat or avoid Silver Tears, and reach a giant hooded skeleton structure. Inside a treasure chest within the structure, the Fingerslayer Blade awaits.

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What To Do With The Fingerslayer Blade

After obtaining the Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring, players can utilize it by returning it to Ranni. By doing so, players will receive the Carian Inverted Statue as a reward.

This unique statue can be used in the Carian Study Hall to flip the building upside-down. This opens up access to previously unreachable areas in the castle above.

Players can then use the Fingerslayer Blade and the Inverted Carian Statue to reach the Divine Tower of Liurnia. Inside the tower, players will find the Cursemark of Death.

This progression allows players to uncover new secrets and continue their journey in Elden Ring.

It is important to note that utilizing the Fingerslayer Blade and the Inverted Carian Statue will require careful navigation and strategy to overcome the challenges that await.

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In conclusion, obtaining and utilizing the Fingerslayer Blade in Elden Ring is a challenging yet rewarding quest. By defeating Starscourge Radahn and navigating through Nokron, players can acquire this powerful weapon.

The Fingerslayer Blade opens up new areas and opportunities in the game, allowing players to access previously unreachable locations and face the Cursemark of Death.

With the Carian Inverted Statue as a reward, players can further enhance their exploration and uncover hidden secrets in the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

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