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Berenice Marlone Net Worth

Berenice Marlone was born on the 19th of May in 1979, and she is a 41 years old French actress and model. The artist is one of the most talented female actresses and models that France could ever have, but due to lack of opportunities, she did not have a considerable acting career. Later she got the most significant breakthrough of his career when she was signed in the twenty-third James bond film, the sky fall. They performed well as Marlone amazed everyone with her excellent skills of acting.

The artist is a brand ambassador of a watch company, Omega watches. Moreover, there are tons of other achievements by the actress. She also served as a writer of a show, it was a romantic comedy, and it was premiered in 2014

Early life 

The actress hails from Paris and was born on the 13th of May in 1979. The mother of BereniceMarlone, the teacher, is from France, whereas his father, a doctor, is from Cambodian; in a nutshell, she has both France and China in her blood. She was quite passionate about playing the piano, and she begins taking piano lessons from a very young. BereniceMarlone took piano lessons for a very long time; she was 10 when she took her first piano coaching and ended it at the age of 18

Rather than playing the piano, the actress is also interested in painting. She studied at the Conservatoire de Paris for almost 11 years. She took all the piano lessons in that school only.

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Beginning of career

Berenice made her first appearance in La discordance; the movie was a short film and premiered in 2007. Later she was cast in some of the renowned TV series and some of the TV series at the beginning of her career were R.I.S, Femmes de loi, etc. Even after the massive success of Skyfall, she appeared in the sequel of R.I.S in 2012

The breakthrough of her career was the Sky fall movie; it was the 23rd movie of the James bond series. This is one of the prominent achievements of her career, and she was known as James bond girl Severine. The film was premiered in 2012 and was a blockbuster. The total collection of the movie was approximately 1.1 billion, which is a remarkable value. The actress dreamt of performing with the co-star Javier Bardem a few months before she was signed in the movie.

 Later she acknowledged that she would be acting alongside Javier in the movie. Other than the sky fall movie, she was cast in some other films, and those were Song to Song and 5 to 7. As mentioned ahead, she has also served as writer-direction in a romantic dramedy; the movie was premiered in the year 2014 at a Tribeca Film festival. The actress has immense respect towards the actors and the directors who try their best to put forward something original to the audience.

Net worth 

BereniceMarlohe is a French actress having a net worth of 3 million dollars. 

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