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If you are thinking about making money in a short span, the best way is to go for investment in cryptocurrencies in the market. If you have a bitcoin address, bitcoin wallet, and mining hardware, all you need to know is to get bitcoin software. In this article, we will help you know about the best bitcoin mining software you can get in 2020:


CGMiner is one of the best mining software that is known for its versatility. This mining software can run on Mac, Windows, as well as Linux. This software can work well with three different types of mining software, and this includes GPU, FPGA, and ASIC. This mining software has other beneficial features like it is able to detect new blocks, it has remote interface ability, and it can also rise to a harsh rate of any size with zero delays. 


Similar to the CGMiner, the BFGMiner can also run on different Operating Systems including Mac, Windows, and Linux. Some of the best benefits of BFGMiner include the ability to hash on different mining algorithms such as Scrypt and SHA256d. With this mining software, you can mine different cryptocurrencies simultaneously. Another best feature of this software is that it includes integrated overclocking and full monitoring.

Easy Miner

The EasyMiner software is based on GUI software. This is also an open-source software and works similarly to the BFGMiner. The best part about Easy Miner is that it enables you to mine different types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and several others. The only disadvantage of Easyminer is that it allows you to work with Windows Operating System and ASIC mining hardware. The Easyminer software was that it could let you choose the “moneymaker” mode or the “solo” format. This software will help you choose your own pool. 

Bit Miner

The Bit Miner is also a GUI format miner, and it is also another open-source software. The versatility of the Bit Miner differentiates it from the EasyMiner. You can use this bitcoin software on Windows, Mac, Linux, and other hardware like GPU, FPGA, and ASIC. To mine  bitcoins using this software, you will need to connect to the Bitcoin mining pool, and it has presented more than 4,50,000 users since 2011.


BTCMiner basically is another cloud-based mining software that has lakhs of users. The only requirement to use this software is that you need a bitcoin wallet, bitcoin address, FPGA mining software, and also best internet connection. BTCMiner has some of the best characteristics like power-saving mode, overheat prevention, and ready-to-use Bitstream. 


The best part about Diablominer is that it enables you to carry out hashing computations, and it also supports unlimited mining pools. This software can be used with GPU mining software, and it can run on Mac. with this software, you can go for solo as well as pool mining. 


MultiMiner is one of the easiest mining software that comes up with the best graphical UI. Multiminer is one of the best versatile software for bitcoin mining. This software can run on Windows, Mac, as well as Linux. With this software, you can switch from one kind of mining hardware to another. Thus, if you want to mine various types of cryptocurrency, this can be the best software to mine the cryptocurrency.

Awesome Miner

The Awesome Miner enables you to handle multiple mining hardware, and it is also compatible with more than 25 mining engines. This miner is best suited with different mining algorithms and also helps you to manage different miner pools at the same duration. Another best feature of mining software is that it has a dashboard that displays the hardware temperature and status. This miner works best on Windows, but you may also get the web version of the miner on any kind of computer as well as Operating system. 

Which Bitcoin mining software you choose is completely your personal decision and it depends on factors like which Operating System you use or which computer you have. The choice for best mining software depends on various factors like whether you want to mine just bitcoins or even altcoins, the type of hardware you have, and the skills you have to perform the mining. Thus, choose the mining software based on your requirement, and you will get the best return for your investment. 

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