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The net worth of Chevy Chase

Cornelius Crane Chevy chase alias Chevy Chase is a very talented personality who has excelled in the Cinema by performing the roles of Actor, Comedian, Producer, and screenwriter. Chevy became recognizedby acting in a comedy magazine National Lampoon. As an actor and writer of America’s TV show, Saturday Night, his fame began to outgrow, and he had been nominated for Emmy awards for his fabulous performance in this show.

Childhood Life of Chevy

Chevy is an American born in the region of Lower Manhattan, New York. He was born on 8th October 1943. Chevy did his high school at Riverdale Country School in the Bronx. But he was barred from the school for a few reasons, and he then joined Stockbridge school and got graduated in 1962.

He then did graduation from Haverford College. During his college days, many were attractedby his sense of humor and slapstick comedy performance. He did his graduation for 1962-1963, and he was expelled from college for possessing a cow in his fourth-floor building. S0 joined bard College in Annandale and pursued his Bachelor’s degree in English arts, and completed his graduation in the year 1967.

During his college days, Chevy was well-versed in Music, and he created a band along with his friends and had performed in many small shows. Chevy had a rough life before he got to enter into the film industry. To make money, he had worked as a cab driver, truck driver, in supermarkets, fruit picker, and many more.

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At the starting of his career, Chevy had been one of the members of the comedy band Channel One, and he is also the co-founder of that group. His writing skills were very excellent that he has done much American Television series, like The National lampoon, Smothers,and lots more. He has also acted in a film, The Groove, directed by one of the members of Channel One.

Profession on Saturday Night Live.

This is a very famous Television show that was launched in the year 1975. Chevy was the writer of that show, and he also performed astonishing roles in that show. His sense of humor and his body language that makes everyone laugh is the reason for the success of this show. He has even imitated the president Gerald Ford, based on a real-life incident. He has also performed at various nighttime talk shows, which havebecome very famous.

With his sense of humor, Chevy was termed as the Funniest man in America. He has also appeared in various shows as host and as a guest appearance.

Career in films

During the second season of Saturday Night show, Chevy left the show due to personal reasons. But after that, he had appeared as the guest for that show for than eight times. He then made his career as an actor by acting in various box office hit films.

Net worth

As of October 2020, the net worth of Chevy is estimated to be 52 Million Dollars. He was able to reach this worth because of his mind-blowing performances and writing in SNL and films.

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