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David Scott Mustaine, professionally known as Dave Mustaine, is an American musician. He is best known as lead guitarist, vocalist, co-founder, and songwriter of an outstanding American heavy metal band named Megadeth. After forming the band Megadeth, he was the inventive lead guitarist of band Metallica.

Early Life

Mustaine was born on 13th September 1961 in La Mesa, California. He is a son of John and Emily Mustaine. Mustaine’s father is of Irish, Finnish, German and French descent, and his mother is of German Jewish descent. Michelle and Suzanne were two older sisters of Mustaine, and there was a huge difference between the age of Michelle, Suzanne, and Mustaine.

He stated that his father is a successful and smart man and is good with his head and hands. His father is the branch manager of Bank of America, where his transition of the corporation from mechanical to electrical technology made him superfluous and cost his job.

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Career Beginnings

The first band of Mustaine was Panic. The lineup was Bob Evans on bass, Pat Voeks as a vocalist, Tom Quecke on rhythm guitar, Mike Leftwych on drums Mustaine as lead guitarist. In 1981, the band fell apart, and one of the reasons for not forming again was the death of Quecke. 

Mustaine dissolved the band Panic in 1981 and then joined Metallica as lead guitarist. He started recording his first album named Kill ‘Em All, but his tenure with the band Metallica was short. His tenure was short because of his problem with drugs and alcohol.

He then founded a short-lived band named Fallen Angels after leaving Metallica. He then returned to his mother in California and got a real job with the help of Robbie McKinney. Mustaine, McKinney, and one of the friends named Matt Kisselstein worked together as telemarketers. The partnership of all three didn’t last, and the reason stated by Mustaine was that they lacked the energy, spark, and chemistry.

After being in unsuccessful partnerships with vocalists, Mustaine then took auditions and. In 1984, he formed a song demo along with Less Rausch, the drummer who reinstated Carruthers after Mustaine. The band formed was named Megadeth.

Personal Life

In 1991, Dave Mustaine got married to Pamela Anne Casselberry and had children named Justis Mustaine and Electra Mustaine. Justis is a guitarist and had appeared in multiple theatrical productions, and Electra also endeavors her career in country music. The whole family of Mustaine lived in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mustaine has issues of spine and neck condition called stenosis caused by years of headbanging. Later in 2019, he announced that he had been analyzed with throat cancer, but later in a Megadeth concert, he declared that he was cancer-free.

He was raised as Jehovah’s Witness and was born again as a Christian. Mustaine focused more on Christian faith directly when attending the meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous and turned into a committed Christian.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of this American singer and musician is approximately $18 million.

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