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Navraj Singh Goraya alias Nav is a Canadian famous for rapping, singing, songwriting, and record producing. His net worth as of October 2020is estimated to be 5 Million dollars. His collaboration with Drake made a stepping stone for his success and he has established a good name in the Music Industry. His songs and albums are very popular in Canada and India.

Early life

Nav was born on November 3rd, 1989, in Toronto, Canada. His parents are Punjabis and Nav belongs to Punjab. Nav’s early life was not so easy, as he was bullied by his school friends, for his dark color complexion. But he was able to overcome all these dark sides with the support of his parents.

Nav at his small age itself is not instudies and he had failed almost in all subjects. But he had an immense interest in Music, which was identified by his parents. His parents had encouraged him to pursue his dream career in the Music Industry. His music at the age of 9, made his mom present Nav with a boombox.

When he was studying in high school, Nav in underground artists in Toronto performed many mash-ups and beats. He started to make a tight hold to Soundcloud after his performance.

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Nav’s successful career in Music belongs to his parents, as they were supportive of him. As his uncle is a famous singer, seeing Nav’s Talent as a rapper and singer, took him to the studio. His ambition became more intense, and as a jackpot, he made a partnership with Drake and from there he experienced a positive shift in his career. He got signed with many contracts, with astonishing songs and albums. Drake’s second diss track Back to Back was co-produced by Nav.

Nav did a song Myself, which did not reach a lot of people. But after Kylie Jenner filmed the song, in her Snapchat stories, the song becomes very famous and got 19 Million YouTube viewers.

Later along with Travis Scott, another rapping legend, Nav did a song Beibs in the Trap, which was a master hit and was ranked 90 on Billboard Hot 100. This album was sold in thousands of copies, and people became familiar with Nav and his songs. With his collaboration with Drake and Travis Scott, Nav released many songs and he became the world’s celebrity as a rapper. Nav has been nominated for several awards and scholarships.

Most of the songs Nav composed will be based on drugs, sex, and depression. But he has stated that people must use drugs as a recreational entity but not misuse them. He is away from drugs to act as a role model for his fans. 

During his music journey, Nav has been offended was using n-word his songs. So, after various criticisms, he stopped using the n-word in his songs. He has also performed various songs like Yosemite and only brown boy with a bag and lots more.

Net worth

As of October 2020, the Net Worth of Nav was estimated to be 5 Million Dollars. In the year 2017, his net worth was $500,000. Due to his astonishing rapping songs, his net worth was eight times that of his previous net worth as of 2017.

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