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Net Worth of Maureen McCormick

Maureen McCormick is a well-known actress, recording artist, and author, with a net worth of 4 Million Dollars. Maureen became recognized as a child model in the sitcom Brady Bunch, where she played the role of Marcia Brady. At the age of 6, Maureen as a child has won a beauty parade in the San Fernando Valley.

Early life

Maureen was born on August 5th, 1956 in Encino, California, U.S. At the age of six, she has been crowned as Baby Miss from San Fernando Valley, in the year 1964. After this crown, she had signed contracts with various advertising promotions like Chatty Cathy dolls and Barbie. In the year 1970, she has lent her voice to NewChatty Cathy dolls. This commercial has different dolls appearances and through acting in this commercial, Maureen got many offers for participating as a guest role in various shows.

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Maureen has acted in many situational comedy shows namely, the Farmer’s Daughter, I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Honey West, and My Three Sons. Brady Bunch TV shows earned her a good name, in which she had played the role of a perky girl. This TV show ran for almost 5 years but they were stopped suddenly.This show was again re-broadcasted and hence even now recent generation youths like this show.

The Brady Bunch,ran from 1969 to 1974, in various spins like The Brady Kids, The Brady Bunch Hour, The Brady Brides, and A Very Brady Christmas.

A career as guest roles

After Brady Brunch, Maureen was seen as a host for various shows like Fantasy Island, Happy Days, Love Boats, and lots more.  She had performed her song recording at stages and got fame through that. She has also worked and starred in the life history of Barbara Mandrell. In Grease, she has performed the mind-blowing role, Betty Rizzo. After her acting career, she has become the representative for Children International.

She was also a talented dancer and she had appeared on Dancing with Stars, season 23. She has also appeared in many of America’s reality shows namely HV1, Celebrity Fit Club, and lots more. She has also participated in the Australian Reality Show.

More about Maureen

  • She has written about her life history in a book named Surviving Marcia Brady And Finding My True Voice.
  • Michael Cummings is her husband, who helped in dragging her from drug addiction.
  • She became addicted to the drug, after the sudden stopping of Brady Bunch
  • Maureen was very talented and she has made a successful entry in her career. Butshe was addicted to heroin and had suffered a lot because of that. At the age of 20, she has undergone 2 abortions. Once during auditions, she had participated after consuming drugs. Because of that, she has lost her entire reputation. She became very depressed but her husband made her recover from that.

The net worth of Maureen

The net worth of Maureen as of October 2020 is estimated to be 4 Million Dollars. She per year salary is $633,333.33, monthly salary is $52,777.78. She was able to gain all these through her Brady Bunch series and various guest appearances in TV shows.

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