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Bo Jackson Net Worth

Vincent Edward “Bo” Jackson is a professional as well as basketball player based in America. Out of numerous athletes, Bo Jackson is the solitary professional theme that is to be named under All-Star for both football and basketball. Most of the players and the general public believe Bo Jackson greatest and best athlete in history. Not only an athlete, but also he was one of the main personality product endorsers.

One of the main endorsements he has done is Nike, and he took Nike to great heights. He worked along with Michael Jordan and promoted Nike products from 1980 to 1990.

Early Life

His mother named Jackson as Vince Edwards, her favorite actor. Bo Jackson was born in Bessemer, Alabama, in 1962 on 30th November. He gets into trouble by himself from childhood, and his family referred to him as a wild boar hog. He joined a school that was 1175 years away in McCalla, where he used to run to reach. At the time of his senior season, he used to run more than 25 games in the baseball team of McAdory. In the decathlon, he was a state champion.

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Career Beginnings

Despite getting selected in the 1982 Major League Baseball draft by New York Yankees, Jackson chooses to join Auburn University. He prefers to join Auburn University because he assured his mother that he would move to a major college. The head coach of Auburn University recruited him, and he worked hard and proved to everyone that he is a brilliant athlete in football as well as baseball. 

Not only this, but he ran 4303 career yards while playing football for Auburn Team, and his performance was fourth-best in the history of the Southeastern Conference. His professional career made him earn more than $6.8 million as salary in baseball and around $6.1 million salaries in football. He had earned millions from endorsements from Gatorade and Nike and became one of the best product endorsers.

Personal Life

Bo Jackson got married to a rehabilitation counselor named Linda, and the couple has two sons and a daughter named Nicholas, Garrett, and Morgan. Jackson joined Burr Ridge Bank and Trust in 2009, and the well-renowned First Community Financial Bank obtained this bank. The bank appointed Jackson as one of the board members, and when Busey Bank obtained its first Community bank in 2017, Jackson resigned from the board.

He has played football and basketball and made many teams, but later, he suffered from health risks. In one of his interviews with USA Today, he said that he would have never been involved in playing football if he knew that there are many health issues. He also added that he was not educated earlier but now has knowledge about Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) and will not even allow his kids to play football professionally.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Bo Jackson, who is a retired professional football and basketball player in America, is approximately $25 million.

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