If you are looking after a little one, chances are you are quite familiar with the diapering life. It is part of raising a baby. They need support throughout the day as they learn how to control their bathroom needs. In turn, you will quickly become a diaper-changing pro.

So what happens overnight when your baby is in the cot and ends up going to the bathroom? If your baby is only wearing a normal diaper, there is a very high chance that they have wet the bed, are up crying or screaming and that the wet diaper has soaked through their pajamas and blankets and even onto the bedsheets.

This is not the most pleasant way to wake up in the middle of the night. In fact, it can be downright miserable. This is why you want to look into using overnight diapers for your baby—for their sake and your own sake.

What Is An Overnight Diaper?

Now, you may be asking what an overnight diaper even is? Well, it really is what the name suggests—a diaper designed for sleeping time. These diapers are disposable and designed to be extra absorbent. In fact, so much so that the overnight diaper can provide extra leakage protection for up to 12 hours.

These diapers are designed differently than your everyday diaper. They are often designed to be larger in the front and back, while also sitting much higher up on your baby’s waist. The reason the design is so different is so that no matter if your baby sleeps on their stomach or their back, leaks will be stopped in every corner and at every end.

The very best overnight diapers are not only designed to minimize leaks or blowouts. They are also designed to help your baby sleep better too. The really great overnight diapers use a hypoallergenic material that literally feels like cashmere. Your baby will love wearing these at night.

Because the overnight diapers that use high-quality material are able to also absorb more liquid, your baby’s skin will automatically be less irritated. This is great news, as it means your baby’s skin will remain calm and not be inflamed. In fact, you will find you probably need to use less of the diaper cream on them too.

Of course, the best overnight diaper brands allow you to subscribe so that you never have to worry about running out. This means that you can create an auto-renewal plan so that new shipments of overnight diapers are always being sent to your home. But you can equally choose what ones you want to skip or cancel as well.

How To Know If Your Baby Needs One

If you are wondering if there are any specific signs that your baby needs an overnight diaper, we are here to share everything there is to know. Here are all the signs that your baby should be wearing an overnight diaper.

1. How long does your baby sleep?

The first question to ask yourself is how long your baby sleeps through the night before they wake up crying in discomfort. If you have a newborn, it is not unusual for them to wake up every two to three hours anyway to get fed. But if every time you are waking up to feed them they also need a new diaper change, then you would benefit from giving them an overnight diaper as well—although for a newborn it is rarer they would need this.

But as your newborn grows into a toddler, they may require an overnight diaper. In fact, most overnight diapers are made to fit those little ones who are usually around a size three or weigh at least 16 pounds. In general, the longer your baby sleeps, the higher the chance they will benefit from an overnight diaper.

2. How much laundry do you do?

The next question to ask yourself is how much laundry you are doing. If you find yourself needing to wash your baby’s pajamas, blankets, and bedsheets daily, it may be to your benefit to have them wear an overnight diaper. Because these are more absorbent, you will not have to wash all the layers each morning when you wake them up.

3. How often do they wake up upset?

Let’s be honest, no one likes wetting the bed. In fact, if your baby is always waking up crying it may be because they are uncomfortable with their wet diaper. So why not give them an extra layer of comfort with a super comfortable and absorbent overnight diaper so they can wake up a bit happier? You will notice it not only impacts their mood but your mood too.


There are so many great reasons to get your baby in an overnight diaper. Why not start today?

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