Being in a long-distance relationship can be emotionally taxing on both you and your partner, and sometimes it feels like the only time you can truly connect with one another is when you take a trip – but all that travel can get expensive.

While there’s nothing quite like planning a getaway with your sweetheart, there are other, more affordable ways to keep the romance alive if you only try!

Here are five budget-friendly ways that you can maintain your LDR without breaking the bank or your hearts. 

Embrace Digital Communication Tools

First of all, make sure you’re leveraging technology and using it to stay in touch with your partner on a regular basis.

Aside from your regular texting or video call platforms, there are some awesome apps for long-distance couples that you can try out to make your communication more intimate and personal. Send pictures, selfies, and regular texts throughout the day to make sure you’re staying on top of what’s happening in each other’s lives. You can also play games and watch movies together online for special long-distance dates.

Get Creative with Care Packages

When you can’t afford to fly over to visit your partner, you can still send them your love in a care package – and it doesn’t need to be expensive either! Fill a box with some of their favorite snacks, something homemade, and maybe a T-shirt of yours that smells like you.

Make sure to use a reliable and affordable shipping company like to help you manage costs and ensure that your package arrives safely.

Plan Budget-Friendly Visits

When you do plan to meet up in person, make sure that you make the trip cost-effective. Instead of meeting up somewhere, rather agree to meet in one partner’s town, so that you’re only paying for one set of tickets.

You can also try to save money on flight tickets by following some useful travel tips and tricks. Book early in advance, and make sure to plan affordable or even free outings and dates for the time that you’ll spend together.

Set Relationship Goals Together

When you’re in a long-distance relationship, it can feel like your lives are progressing apart from one another. Setting goals for yourselves as a couple and as individuals will help make sure you’re on the same path and get you closer towards a future where you can be together.

Set goals together for saving money for your future and where you would both like to end up. Have weekly or monthly check-ins over video chat to see how you’re both getting along on your goals!

Share the Costs

Finally, make sure that you and your partner are splitting the costs of trips and time spent together in a way that’s fair and works well for the both of you.

One person taking on all the travel fees alone can be a heavy financial burden, so make sure that there is a level of equity that makes sense for your individual incomes and financial situations!

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