Etika Net Worth

Erika had made his career as a Youtuber and Also an online Streamer. He had made his career as a rapper and a model. He is more widely known for his reaction to the Super Smash Bros. He had revealed much about Nintendo Direct. He used to play different games, and he reacted to the various games. He had given the direction in many of the videos. He had many videos, and he had gained many followers on his channel. After that, he worked as a model and a rapper.

Etika’s Early life

Etika was brought down on this earth on 12th May 1990. He was brought down on this earth on the land of Brooklyn, which is present in New York, US. He was born to Owuraku Amofah and Sabrina Amofah. His father was working as a Ghanaian Politician and also worked as a lawyer who was present in the Kibi. Hebhad great grand uncle who’s name was Nana Akufo and Addo. He had served the country of him as the President of Ghana. He. Wad there from the 7th of January in 2017. H had sibling who are ne are Randy Amofah, who was born on the 14th August on 1982. His brother field due to asthma attack. He had a half brother who had his own Youtube channel. His Youtube channel name was IAM9INE. He was sent to Shell Bank Junior high school for about one year. He was sent to another school because he was involved in many fights. Be had attended the school of Urban Assembly School for Law and Justice. The school was based on small Law themed college preparatory high school. While he was in the school, he had made many DVD series which was named SLJ FAM. He was a member of the club, which was known as Free Food.

Etika’s Career

Before starting his career on Youtube, he worked as a model and a rapper. He had released the Produced the mistake, which was named Written in The Ice, in 2007. He had given the pseudo name of Iceman. In the year 2008, he participated in Teo Grind Time Now. He had started modelling in the year 2011and he had continued his modelling career till 2015. He had a very tall height attire of six feet and six inches. He has taken the name of Etika, which was taken from the Video game named Sonic The Hedgehog. He is also known as Young Iceman. He worked from 2011 to 2015 as a model and from 2012 to 2019 as a Youtuber. He had subscribers of 1.3 million, and the total views he had on his channel were around 145 million. He is a great fan of Anime characters and the manga series known as JoJo Bizarre Adventure. He had done many of the videos by doing the critics of the albums of music Videos. After some time, he changed the Youtube channel to Young Ramsay in 2015. 

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Etika’s Personal life

On 20th June 2019, he posted the video known as I’m Sorry. He had posted it on Youtube. But the video was removed from the Youtube. He had said that he was going through mental pressure and health issues. After some time, it was said that he went on missing, and it was reported to the Police Department. On the 24th of June, the hem of his body was found near the East River. The report said that he died due to Drawing.

Etika’s Net Worth

He holds a net worth of $44 million, which he had gained from Youtube and through the modelling career that he had made. Hebhad made their career as an actor.

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