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Bill Evans Net worth

Bill Evans is a US-based Jazz pianist and composer who has usually played in trios. He is known for his unique style and innovation and people seemed using harmony along with inventive kind of interpretation along with traditional jazz along with doing several other things like block chords and many more things like singing and doing some melodic kind of lines that are seen moving along with the influence that happens to carry certain Jazz pianists. Now, let’s dig in deep into it to get more about this person in the following paragraphs. 

Earlier Life 

Evan was seen growing up in the place called North Plainfield on 16th August 1929 in New Jersey, while he died at the young age of 51 in the year 1980. He was the son of Mary and Harry Evans. His father used to run a golf course and was seen descending from the background. His mother separated since his father was involved in gambling, abuse, and heavy drinking. The couple had two sons, while he remained the younger ones in the family. His mother single-handedly raised him and his brother and gave education in a local school and both were seen taking up the piano lessons.

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Career Beginning 

After attending school and then SL University with a scholarship, he started learning classical piano and got an edge while studying classical piano with people like Louis P. Kohnop, Ronald Stetzel, and John Venettozzi. He started performing at different places to help people enjoy his pianos. He has remained active during the fifties to early years of eighties and has remained an active fellow in this domain. He was associated with some acts including George Russell, Cannonball Adderley, Miles Davis, Philly Joe Jones, Paul Motian, Scott LaFaro, Eddie Gómez, Tony Bennett, Marty Morell, Stan Getz, Jim Hall, Chet Baker, and Monica Zetterlund. 

Some of the brands in which he was involved included Riverside, Verve, and Fantasy. Some of his popular genres include Jazz, third stream, modal jazz, post-bop, and cool jazz. He was known for being a key reformer who was seen giving a good harmonic language of jazz piano. He was seen getting influenced a lot by impressionists along with composers that were seen coming along with jazz piano. He was seen getting harmonic language along with some impressionist composers like Claude Debussy and Maurice Ravel, while the versions of Jazz Standard were seen coming up with their compositions that seemed to get features via their musical features. He has a wide range of tribute albums that have come time and again during and after his life. He kept on improvising his tunes in a different way along with presenting the influences in some of the best ways that created a good amount of buzz around his fans and the media.  

Personal Life 

He is known as an avid reader and thus loved to explore humorous books and philosophy. His fondness for the work of Thomas Hardy seemed very much fascinating. He never got married but there were a few women in his life. In the early seventies, he got in touch with NenetteZazzara and had a strong bond with the lady.

Net worth 

His net worth was estimated to be around 10 Million USD.

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