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Eve Plumb Net Worth

Eve’s actual name is Eve Aline Plumb. She had chosen her career as an actress. She had done her role in “The Brady Bunch.” She had played the role of Jan Brady. She had started her career at a very young age. She had appeared in many movies and television series, from doing smaller parts to achieving more prominent roles.

Early Life

When Eve was born, she was given the name Eve Aline Plumb. She was brought to this earth in 1957. She had cried for the first time in Burbank in California, which is present in the U.S. She had started her career when she was only sEvEn years old. She used to work in television commercials. She also played a guest appearance in “The Big Valley” and “The Virginian .”She had done the show in the years 1966 and 1967. She had taken birth from Flora June and Neely Ben Plumb. She had siblings whose names were Flora and Ben. Her faith rooms her into the screen of Television and films. She was the child of acting skills and knew very acting talent very precisely. She holds the nationality of American.


She had started her career in t966. She had appeared in the television commercials. After that, she was seen in films as the first appearance known as Virginia and The Big Valley and Lassie. She was also part of the television show known as Dick Tracy. There she had done the role of the Bonnie Braids. In 1968, she had done the film known as “It Takes a Thief .”She had another movie which was known as “Family Affair .”She had donned the television show from 1969 to 1974in the ABC sitcom, known as The Brady Bunch. When the television series got off aired, Shihad played the role of the young prostitute in Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway. She appeared in many Television shows as a guest in the shows such as Here Lucy, The Love Boat, Wonder Woman, one Day at a Time, Fantasy Island, Wonder Women, One Day at a Time, Murder, She Wrote, The super, All My children and many more. She had many films such as I’m Gonna Git you Sucka in 1988, the making of and God Spoke, Nowhere, Manifest, Blue Ruin, The Sisters Plotz, Monsoon, and her upcoming film is Bagdad, Florida.

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Personal Life

Besides acting, she is a great painter. She has been doing a painting for the past 20years. She got married to Ken Pace in 1995. He was a Business and Technology consultant. They are now staying in Laguna Beach, which is present in California. Now they had brought their new House in Manhattan.

Net Worth

She holds a total net worth of $7 million, which she got from her acting career and singing career.

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