In the popular TV series, The Wilds, a talented ensemble cast brings to life a gripping storyline that has captivated audiences.

In this article, we will delve into the backgrounds of the main and supporting cast members, shedding light on their previous notable roles.

From Sophia Ali’s appearances in Grey’s Anatomy to Reign Edwards’ recognition for her work in The Bold and the Beautiful, join us as we discover where you may have seen these talented actors before.

Sophia Ali’s Previous Roles

Sophia Ali has appeared in a number of notable roles prior to her role in The Wilds. Known for her clever quips, one-liners, fashionable outfits, and snarky but friendly attitude, Ali portrays the character of Fatin Jadmani, a star cellist in California with a difficult relationship with her parents. While she had smaller roles in popular shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and MTV’s Faking It, her expanded role in The Wilds season 2 has garnered attention and praise from audiences.

In addition to her television appearances, Ali has also made appearances in films such as Uncharted, Truth or Dare, and India Sweets and Spices. These roles have showcased her versatility as an actress and her ability to bring depth and complexity to her characters.

With her talent and captivating on-screen presence, Sophia Ali has established herself as a rising star in the entertainment industry. Her performance in The Wilds further solidifies her status as a talented and promising actress. Audiences can expect to see more of Sophia Ali’s exceptional acting skills and compelling performances in the future.

Shannon Berry’s Acting Credits

Moving on to Shannon Berry, let’s explore her impressive acting credits.

Shannon Berry has showcased her talent in a range of television shows and movies. She has appeared in popular Australian dramas such as Offspring and Hunters, where she demonstrated her versatility as an actress. Berry also made notable appearances in Slant, The Housemate, The Gateway, and Monday Night Menace, further solidifying her presence in the industry.

In The Wilds, Berry takes on the role of Dot Campbell, a tough and capable survivor from Texas. Her character’s skills and people skills make her popular among the girls, and she forms an unlikely friendship with Fatin, played by Sophia Ali. Berry’s portrayal of Dot brings depth and complexity to the character, adding to the overall dynamics of the show.

With her exceptional acting abilities and engaging performances, Shannon Berry continues to make her mark in the entertainment industry. Audiences can look forward to seeing more of her captivating performances in future projects.

Jenna Clause’s Other Projects

Jenna Clause has also been involved in various other projects throughout her career. Although relatively new to the acting scene, Clause has made appearances in several notable productions. She starred in the film ‘You’re It’ and showcased her talent in the short film ‘The Fury Inside Me.’ Additionally, she had roles in ‘Cold Brook,’ ‘The Bikers,’ and ‘In the Beginning was Water and Sky.’

While her filmography may still be growing, Jenna Clause has already shown her potential as an actress. Her performances in these projects demonstrate her ability to bring depth and authenticity to her characters. As she continues to pursue her acting career, audiences can expect to see more of her talent on display.

In ‘The Wilds,’ Clause portrays the character of Martha Blackburn, a mild-mannered optimist with a dark past. This breakout role has allowed her to showcase her skills and gain recognition in the mainstream industry. With her captivating performance in ‘The Wilds,’ Jenna Clause has undoubtedly proven herself as a promising talent to watch out for in the future.

Reign Edwards’ Past Characters

Reign Edwards, another talented member of the cast, has portrayed memorable characters in various past projects. Known for her versatility and captivating performances, Edwards has proven her acting prowess in a range of roles.

One of her notable portrayals includes the character of Nicole Avant in the popular soap opera, ‘The Bold and the Beautiful.’ Edwards brought depth and complexity to the role, earning critical acclaim for her performance.

Additionally, she showcased her talent in the action-adventure series ‘MacGyver,’ where she played the character of Leanna Martin. Her portrayal of Leanna showcased her ability to bring a strong and confident character to life.

Edwards has also made appearances in the crime drama series ‘Snowfall,’ where she portrayed the character of Melody Wright. Her performances in these past projects have demonstrated her ability to immerse herself in diverse roles and captivate audiences with her talent.

With her impressive body of work, Reign Edwards continues to make a mark in the entertainment industry, and her role in ‘The Wilds’ is a testament to her exceptional acting abilities.

Mia Healey’s Breakthrough Role

Continuing the exploration of the cast in The Wilds, it is worth noting Mia Healey’s breakthrough role in the series. Healey portrays the character of Shelby Goodkind, a young woman from a devout Christian family and a former beauty pageant contestant. Throughout the series, Shelby grapples with the trauma stemming from her conservative upbringing and forms a complex relationship with her best friend, Toni.

Mia Healey’s portrayal of Shelby marks a significant milestone in her career, as it serves as her breakthrough mainstream role. Prior to The Wilds, Healey has appeared in various projects such as Shark, Black Spartans, and The Pain of Loving. However, it is her compelling performance as Shelby that has garnered attention and recognition from both critics and viewers alike.

In The Wilds, Healey skillfully brings depth and complexity to Shelby’s character, capturing her internal struggles and personal growth throughout the series. Her portrayal resonates with audiences, allowing them to empathize with the challenges Shelby faces and the journey she embarks upon.

As Mia Healey’s breakthrough role, her performance in The Wilds showcases her talent and potential as an actress. It will be exciting to see where her career takes her following this standout performance in the series.

Helena Howard’s Acting History

Helena Howard’s acting history showcases her talent and versatility in a range of projects.

Known for her breakout role as Aisha in Don’t Look Deeper, Howard has proven herself to be a standout performer in both film and television.

In the critically acclaimed film Madeline’s Madeline, she delivered a captivating performance as the titular character, showcasing her ability to embody complex and layered roles.

Additionally, Howard appeared in Shoplifters of the World and Don’t Look Deeper, further solidifying her presence in the industry.

With her distinctive robotic cadence and comedic timing, she brings a unique energy to her characters.

In The Wilds, Howard’s portrayal of Nora Reid provides comic relief and useful information to the group of survivors.

Her compelling character arc in the show’s second season highlights her range and depth as an actress.

Erana James’ Noteworthy Performances

Erana James has delivered notable performances in various projects, showcasing her talent and versatility. Known for her role as Toni Shalifoe in The Wilds, James brings a vibrant energy to the character. As a loud and rowdy survivor from an Ojibwe reservation in Minnesota, Toni clashes with Shelby but also forms a close bond with Martha. James’s fun-loving and positive demeanor boosts morale among the group.

Prior to her breakout role in The Wilds, James has made appearances in other notable projects. She portrayed Kahu in Golden Boy, Ronnie in Bad Behavior, and Laura in The Changeover. These performances demonstrate her ability to tackle diverse roles and bring depth to her characters.

In interviews about The Wilds season 2, James has showcased her professionalism and passion for her craft. Her chemistry with co-star Mia Healey, who plays Shelby, adds an extra layer of authenticity to their complex relationship on screen.

With her talent and dedication, Erana James has proven herself as a promising young actress. Her noteworthy performances in The Wilds and other projects have established her as a rising star in the industry. Audiences can expect to see more of her captivating performances in the future.

Sarah Pidgeon’s Limited Acting Credits

Unfortunately, Sarah Pidgeon has relatively few acting credits to her name. She has made limited appearances in the industry, which makes her role in The Wilds all the more noteworthy. Prior to her role as Leah Rilke in the series, Pidgeon had made appearances in Gotham and Nowhere I’d Rather Be. It is evident that she is still establishing herself in the acting world.

Despite her limited credits, Pidgeon’s performance in The Wilds has garnered attention and praise. Her portrayal of Leah Rilke, a loner who struggles to adjust but ultimately makes it through to season 2, showcases her talent and dedication to her craft. Pidgeon brings a sense of paranoia and vulnerability to the character, adding depth to the overall narrative.

While Pidgeon’s acting career is still in its early stages, her role in The Wilds has undoubtedly showcased her potential as an actress. It will be interesting to see how her career progresses from here and what other roles she may take on in the future. With her talent and dedication, it is likely that Pidgeon will continue to make a name for herself in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Projects Has Sophia Ali Been a Part of Before the Wilds?

Sophia Ali, known for her roles in Grey’s Anatomy and MTV’s Faking It, has also appeared in Uncharted, Truth or Dare, and India Sweets and Spices. Her talent and versatility shine in her expanded role in The Wilds season 2.

Can You Provide a List of Shannon Berry’s Acting Credits?

Shannon Berry’s acting credits include appearances in Offspring, Slant, Hunters, The Housemate, The Gateway, and Monday Night Menace. She has showcased her talent in various roles, establishing herself as a versatile and skilled actress.

Apart From the Wilds, What Other Projects Has Jenna Clause Worked On?

Jenna Clause, a relatively new actor, has worked on projects such as “You’re It,” “The Fury Inside Me,” “Cold Brook,” “The Bikers,” and “In the Beginning was Water and Sky,” apart from her role in “The Wilds.”

What Are Some of Reign Edwards’ Past Characters in Other Shows or Movies?

Reign Edwards has portrayed various characters in different shows and movies. She played Nicole in The Bold and the Beautiful, Leanna Martin in MacGyver, and Melody in Snowfall, and has also appeared in Truth be Told and Love You Anyway.

What Was Mia Healey’s Breakthrough Role Before Joining the Cast of the Wilds?

Mia Healey’s breakthrough role before joining the cast of The Wilds was in the show Don’t Look Deeper. She has since gained recognition for her portrayal in The Wilds as Shelby Goodkind.


In conclusion, the cast of The Wilds is comprised of talented actors who have previously showcased their skills in various acting projects.

From Sophia Ali’s roles in Grey’s Anatomy and MTV’s Faking It to Shannon Berry’s appearances in Offspring and Slant, each cast member brings their own unique experiences to their characters in The Wilds.

With their diverse backgrounds and impressive performances, the ensemble cast truly brings the captivating story of The Wilds to life.

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