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Beres Hammond Net Worth

Beres Hammond, full name Hugh Beresford Hammond was born on the 28th of august in 1955. He is a professional singer from Jamaica who has contributed millions of hits to the industry. The signer conquered the arena in the session of the ’90s by rendering some of the most famous soul and love songs. Few songs in those years made him one of the most popular romantic singers and lyricists. Later in 1996, the album named love from a distance was one of the most selling albums of Beres Hammond’s entire career.

After few years, he made some cameo appearances in the music studio, recently he was featured with his all-time favorite collaborators and released a new banger named never-ending in the year 2018. There few tracks through which he conveyed the current situation of his life, and one of them was One love, One life; the song was released in the year 2012.

Early life

Hugh Beresford Hammond was born on the 28th of august in 1955 at a place named Saint Mary in Jamaica. The artist had nine siblings, and he was the ninth child of his parents; music was in his genes as his father was a die-hard fan of music, and the genre he loved the most was jazz. Moreover, his father had an enormous stack of music records, and that is one of the prominent reasons why Beres was exceedingly passionate about music.

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Beginning of Career

The inspiration of Beres was ska, rocksteady, and Alton Ellis, and later, he decided to participate in the domestic talent shows to showcase and improve his raw skillsets. After few years of the struggle, the singer released his debut solo album named the Soul Reggae. Few songs from the album that amazed everyone were I am in love and One step ahead. Along with this, he was also a prominent member of the band Zap Pow.

The artist had great potential from the beginning, and when he realized his solo potential, he left his Zap Pow band in the year 1979. He made a crucial decision of pursuing his career as a solo artist; one year later, after the exclusion, he released his second album named Let’s make a song. Moreover, he formed another band at the time he released his first album.

The breakthrough year of his career was 1985 as he released his own track label with the name of Harmony records, and in no time he dropped his first album with a name or made a song. The notable aspect of the album was What one Dance could do. The song annihilated all the previous records from fellow Jamaican singers as the song reached the international audience in a negligible span. Later he moved to New York City and made some beautiful tracks with some of the renowned artists.

Recently in 2013, he was awarded the Order of Jamaica 2013 as he brought up the name of Jamaica to the international audience just via his soothing love tracks. Moreover, his few songs were nominated for some of the most popular awards, like the Grammy.

Net worth 

Beres Hammond is a singer and a songwriter who have a net worth of 2 million dollars. 

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